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People describe the happiest they've ever felt in their life

Everyone finds happiness in their own way and many open up on what made them the happiest they have felt so far.

People describe the happiest they've ever felt in their life
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Every need, want and luxury that we pursue as humans is to ultimately feel happy. Tangible or intangible, many moves in life are chosen to seek happiness. It's a subjective feeling and everyone finds happiness in their own way. When a Reddit user asked people to share what made them happy, people responded with the things that made them happy and it was an eye-opener into understanding human nature. "What’s the happiest you’ve ever felt?" asked u/MyForever_NameNow. Here are some of the top replies we came across:

1. A first date

First date with my wife. If they could bottle that night up into a feeling and sell it. Like simple ricks wafer bars. Solid memory. u/Reddit

2. Making it in time for a McDonald's breakfast

Once I was driving from Philly to Las Vegas. On one leg of the trip, I got a bit of a late start and I really wanted Mcdonald's breakfast (this was before they served it all day). My clock said 10:22, and I was about 15 miles from the next exit, so I knew I would never make it. Then I crossed over a time zone and my clock changed. u/lump7777


3. Young love

I remember being in 8th grade watching a movie at my girlfriend's house and we were giggling and commentating on the movie the whole time and just remember thinking I would marry her someday. I’m now 29 and we still giggle and commentate on every movie just like we did when we were kids, but that “young love” feeling is a very happy feeling for the first time, I’m just so lucky to still have those feelings 15+ years later. u/lets_huff_paint

4. Buying a home

When we bought our house. I thought I'd always live in apartments. It meant so much to me to have a final last place to live. u/prettysouthernchick

Father holding son in front of modern home - stock photo/Getty Images
Father holding son in front of modern home - stock photo/Getty Images


5. Missing a train stop

This might be weird but I keep thinking back to this and how I will never have this experience again: I was 13, nerdy, loved to draw, and grew up rural. My Grandma lived close to a big city. Went to visit her in the Summer and then went to a Japanese culture fest in said city. I was overwhelmed by the experience. Bought two super sweet Neon Genisis Evangelion artbooks. When I went back to Grandma's place by train, I missed the stop and got off one stop later. It was quite late already, but a warm summer night. Next train back would come in 2hrs. These two hours, alone during a summer night with two artbooks at a tiny, rural train stop surrounded by trees and absolutely nobody else around was pure bliss. A weird feeling of peaceful, 'liminal' joy that I can't properly explain. Different happiness than love, etc. I haven't really told this story to many people because I know nobody would truly understand the feeling, and that would kinda ruin my memory. u/Skypiratevyse

6. Fishing with grampa

On a camping/fishing trip with my Grampa, dad and brothers. We had so much fun. u/_im nojedi_

7. Going frogging

My ex, who loves frogs to death, asked me to go frogging with her early in our relationship, not to kill them, just to catch and identify them. It's one of my happiest memories and without a doubt the most attracted I've ever been to someone. It's actually when I started to realize how strong and how smart of a person she was which combined with everything else made me fall head over heels. u/Splittysplat

8. Living in the moment

In 1980 a friend and I drove to Las Vegas. We are from Canada. We rented a car in LA and went across death valley in a rental with air conditioning. We, of course, ignored all the signes telling us to turn off our air conditioning since it was a rental. At one point we stopped at a tourist pullout. When I opened the car I was slapped in the face with the most oppressive heat I had ever experienced. I do not know what came over me but all of a sudden I began running out into the desert. I ran as fast as I could for about a kilometer then turned around and ran back. I was soaked with sweat but I have never in my entire life felt more wonderful than in that moment. u/honest_true_man

9. Hanging out with crush

My crush and I were hanging out one time, and all I could say was. “I like you… a lot.” And she just smiled and said, “Me too.” Has to be the happiest day of my life so far. u/Mrcoolguy900

10. Quitting drinking

Now. 5 years sober. u/Feels2old

11. Beating cancer

When my family got the word that my grandma was going to beat her cancer u/Valuable_ad_5178

12. Got over my depression

When I finally felt that I'd gotten over my depression and no longer have suicidal thoughts. u/m3x_aries

13. Birth of daughter

When my youngest was born, she really wanted out and my wife made it to the bathtub, and she came out with my help, she had the umbilical cord around her neck and I managed to get my finger under that and free her, that first cry made me so happy. She's eleven now and sitting on the couch right now eating chocolate and watching TV. u/agent_fuzzyboots

14. Smoking and listening to music

Sitting on a roof with my best friend, smoking a joint, and listening to some music. Can’t explain why exactly, but it was magical. u/mentalityman

15. First love

Falling in love for the first time. u/Mono_831

16. Being present, in the moment

I was taking a walk in December last year when everything around me in my personal life was hell. A feeling of calm washed over me, and I started to look at how beautiful the sky was. I was crystalline in that perfect moment, and cried a few happy tears. I realized that being "present" is the only way to truly live... The past and the future are illusions and robbers of life. Ever since then I am extremely committed to finding beauty in every day things. I frequently feel very happy now, because I never run out of things to marvel at. u/cobraCL

17. Feeling free

That first week when I first separated from the military. I felt so free and happy it was unreal. I'm very happy these days, but I don't think I can reach that peak happiness again. u/pineappledaddy


18. Grandma accepting me 

I had recently come out of the closet to my grandmother. At the time she said she still loved me, but she wouldn't want to meet a boyfriend. OK. She called me a few days later, crying. She told me she had been wrong, she would be happy to meet anyone who loved me, and hoped I would feel welcome to bring them to her. The joy I felt was...indescribable. u/hestermoffet

Portrait of senior woman with her grown-up grandson - stock photo/Getty Images
Portrait of senior woman with her grown-up grandson - stock photo/Getty Images


19. Memory to treasure  

Oh gosh. Most recently, trying to keep up with my dog and boyfriend as they ran along the beach chasing the dolphins that were in the water. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. It was a sunny March day so nobody up and down for miles, just us. The bright blue sky and glimmer coming off the ocean — the salty mist while the waves crashed and the cold ocean at our feet. God I haven’t ever felt so f*cking alive in my whole life. It was one of those moments where I wished I could have it burned into my memory. Like I could tuck it away and live in it forever. That was a good f*cking day. u/Reddit

Low section of couple walking on the beach with dog in winter - stock photo/Getty Images
Low section of couple walking on the beach with dog in winter - stock photo/Getty Images


20. Ideal day

When my bills are all paid, and then some with some hot food on the table not worrying about not being able to pay the next bill enjoying staring off into these plain white walls with my dog by my side enjoying a cold beer. u/Slowcargiggles

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