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People back couple whose overbearing family heavily criticized their newborn's name

As the new parents face family disapproval over their newborn's name, they found unexpected support from people on the internet.

People back couple whose overbearing family heavily criticized their newborn's name
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Laura Garcia; Reddit | u/WhatMate

Naming a newborn can be a very contemplative affair for parents. They often spend a lot of time finding baby names and debating which one would suit their child the best. It is also something that would most likely stick throughout their child's life, so they want to make the best decision possible. However, some relatives can become a major nuisance in such scenarios by offering unwanted advice and undermining the parents' choices in this regard.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kelvin Agustinus
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Kelvin Agustinus

u/WhatMate shared how she and her husband received the most "unhinged reaction" from her husband's family upon hearing their daughter's name. The post begins with the new mom stating how she and her husband had a list of names prepared but decided to finalize one only after their daughter was born. After their daughter's birth, the couple decided to name her "Rosa" and announced it in the family's group chat while still in the hospital. They received supportive comments from the people there, but when her husband informed his family about the name, that's when things started to go south.

His mother brashly responded, "No, I don't really like that name. I much prefer Violet; what do you think about that?" The woman was stunned to see her mother-in-law's reaction. She wrote, "I simply cannot imagine being a family member who's being informed of a newborn's name, and thinking you should have input." Her husband was also upset about his mother's reaction. 

The couple decided they did not want to ruin their first moments with their daughter and chose to ignore the husband's mother. The woman seemed to have no sense of manners as she continued to call the couple several times, which they overlooked. The next day, the husband called his mother once they reached home. Meanwhile, his sister messaged him a whole bunch of names that she thought were better.

The mother-in-law asked her son what his wife's family thought of the name. He replied that they all loved it, to which she laughed and replied, "They must not have good taste - nobody here likes it. Nobody." The woman shared how she and her husband were sleep-deprived. In addition to that, their daughter spent some time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and the woman also faced some postpartum complications. She concluded the post by sharing how her husband felt crushed and how she would never forget his family's behavior during such a happy time of their life.

Image Source: Reddit | u/IknowAbunchOfGords
Image Source: Reddit | u/IknowAbunchOfGords
Image Source: Reddit | u/DaisyHGirl
Image Source: Reddit | u/DaisyHGirl

People enthusiastically voiced their support for the woman in the comment section. u/Katharine_Heartburn said, "What on earth is wrong with Rosa? It's a beautiful name!! Tell your mother-in-law she is ridiculous and she can shut up immediately, if not sooner." u/asponita12 shared, "The way I'd go no contact so fast. You can't 'bring yourself' to say your granddaughter's name? Ok, I'll make it easy for you. You won't have to say her name." u/EnvironmentalAd3842 commented, "When my husband and I told my in-laws that we were going to name our son Solomon, my mother-in-law said, 'That's a big name for a baby.' Umm, what?? He's not going to be a baby forever!"

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