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People are using the portal between Dublin and New York to flirt with strangers across oceans

The portal was installed between the two cities to give people a chance to connect and share each other's culture.

People are using the portal between Dublin and New York to flirt with strangers across oceans
Cover Image Source: X | @DubCityCouncil

Being in a sci-fi movie where you can get teleported from one place to another is something many people dream about. While this portal, opened between New York and Dublin, can't teleport you from one city to another, it can allow you to see what is happening on the other side in real-time. The installation is a fine example of what a congregation of art and science can achieve. It was designed to allow people from both cities to interact with each other and experience each other's culture. People have already started using the installation for the cutest reasons, per Indy100.


People are using this portal to find love, while others are connecting through "the global language of dance." Located near the Flatiron station in New York the futuristic installation is designed to connect the two cities. In Dublin, it was put up on O'Connell Street, the city's main street. The Livestream on the portal runs for 24 hours and allows people to experience life at different times of the day in a completely different city, without traveling at all. People are making the most of it by flirting and connecting. In footage released by Dublin City Council on X, people are waving at each other and holding sign boards. One of the signboards can be roughly translated to "Welcome to the beautiful city." There were several "We love Dublin" and "Hello from New York" signs that can be spotted in the crowd.

The portal has been a big hit in Dublin, per Euronews Travel, with locals coming in to see what's happening in New York. Some people are using the portal to exchange phone numbers, while others are showing impressive tricks to charm people. In a heartwarming event, a daughter studying at the University of Dublin connected with her mom in New York while talking to her on the phone.


"Portals aim to be a bridge to a united planet. I am grateful to the cities of Dublin and New York for pioneering innovation and welcoming their Portal sculptures, which is a significant milestone after years of work," Benediktas Gylys, the Lithuanian businessman behind the idea, said in a statement, per Dublin City. "We are delighted to connect Dublin with New York, where we share a deep historical and cultural bond," Lord Mayor of Dublin, Daithí de Róiste, said as the portal was launched on May 8. "From July, the Dublin Portal will also connect to other global city destinations in Poland, Brazil and Lithuania," the Mayor added. The portal has been installed in Dublin to mark it as the European City of Smart Tourism.


The announcement of the installation opening up invited people to come and say hello to their friends, families and even strangers. @LGKAKIKI commented, "I'd love it if someone proposed now that would be epic." @ciaracannon wrote, "Had to take a look. 4800km apart, but somehow feeling more connected this evening. Well done." The portal will be there till Autumn and quite a few cultural programs have been planned for the upcoming months so that people can make the most of the marvelous installation.


"I would encourage Dubliners and visitors to the city to come and interact with the sculpture and extend an Irish welcome and kindness to cities all over the world," the Mayor of Dublin said as per BBC. "Two amazing global cities, connected in real time and space. That is something you do not see every day," Ya-Ting Liu, New York City's chief public realm officer pointed out.

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