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People are sharing 'forbidden' pairs that only they think are lookalikes

Here are 25 forbidden celebrity pairs, that might look alike to some but not to others, and they will surely bring a smile to your face.

People are sharing 'forbidden' pairs that only they think are lookalikes
Ryan Gosling/Barbie | Weird Al | Getty Images | Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Celebrities who look like each other are not as rare as we might believe them to be. There have been many social media handles and tabloid coverages on them. Even then, we do not seem to get tired of them. For this reason, a Twitter handle, Seola Quintanilla Palmer, asked, "Do y'all have "forbidden" pairs you think look alike but also know NO one else is gonna agree?" And the responses that came are hilarious!

1. Cannot unsee it: 



2. Just for a minute:



3. Wait, what?


4. Hear me out:



5. Can you see it?



6. And this:



7. Separated at birth:


8. Sorry, no sorry:



9. Twins:



10. Would Kanye agree?


11. Can't be denied:



12. Fasten your seatbelts:



13. Gunther:



14. Do you all see it?



15. 2 Cedrics:



16. The eyes, chico:


17. This:



18. Weird or not:



19. The conversation is intense:



20. I deserve some slack:



21. Yes:



22. Mirror:


23. Look at them:



24. You know:



25: Save the best for last:



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