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People are rallying around a candidate who was rejected from a job for the most outrageous reason

Job hunting is hard as it is, without employers making people jump through hoops for a minimum wage job.

People are rallying around a candidate who was rejected from a job for the most outrageous reason
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Finding a job and giving interviews can be highly stress-inducing and a daunting task. We want to put our best foot forward, so we dress well, we arrive on time, we are well rested and we make sure we leave a good impression on the interviewer. Despite our intention to leave the interviewer impressed, there are instances when the conversation leaves us feeling disengaged. A similar thing happened to this job seeker who tried to speak up against unfair treatment and outrageous demands at a job interview.


Twitter page "F**k you I Quit" posted a screenshot of an email sent by a hiring manager to the candidate. The manager sent a rejection email to the person, which, in itself, is a good practice. However, they did so for the most unbelievable reason. Not only did the hiring manager fail to show professionalism, but they were also quite petty. In fact, they seemed quite offended by the fact that the candidate valued his own time and wished to do a job for the money.



The email mentioned how after "weeks of consideration" the company has decided to go with another candidate. The reasons for rejection stated by the hiring manager are what made this email almost comical. They mentioned how the job seeker called out the recruiter and hiring manager for wasting their time after being late. Asking for punctuality isn't a ground for rejection, however, this organization seems to think so. The email also mentioned the job seeker was enraged after they were offered a "lowball" salary range for which they took time off their current job position. The candidate's suggestion for the company to include a salary range in the job description was also mentioned in this rejection email.





The organization informed the candidate during the interview that they don't include the salary range in the job description so that "people won't apply just for money." The candidate was confused and asked them "What money?" since they offered a very low salary range in the first place. The email clearly didn't state any clear reasons for the candidate's rejection other than that they stood up for themselves and demanded respect for their time and money.

Twitter users agreed and jumped in support of the candidate and the outrageous rejection email. @ceriseskies17 stated, "Ain't the point of work to make money?" Another user, @MightyMack03, "'So people don't apply just for the money.' My brother in Christ That’s why we’re here. My passion is my paycheck!” @TheRealHoarse commented, "I bailed on a potential job after they repeatedly asked me to come back to meet with more and more people. After about the 6th or 7th, I told them I didn’t want to work anywhere that needed every cook’s opinion to make a decision."


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