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People are sharing videos pretending to be in a Wes Anderson movie and it's so creative

The hashtag #wesanderson has over 659.3M views on social media, with many attempting to capture the color-stricken dream depicted in movies. 

People are sharing videos pretending to be in a Wes Anderson movie and it's so creative
Cover Image Source: (L) Instagram / @vawillyums, (C) Instagram / @maria_smal, (R) Instagram / @qmike

Wes Anderson is undoubtedly the most accomplished and influential filmmaker out there. With muted shades and a dollhouse-like set design, Anderson has always resorted to a symmetrical aesthetic style that makes his work unique and characteristic. His movies like "The Grand Budapest Hotel," "Isle of Dogs" and "The French Dispatch" are not just pleasing to the eye, but his films often provide a sense of harmony and balance. If you are an avid Anderson fan, you might have noticed that the filmmaker works with a specific pastel-colored palette, which is beautifully carried through his films. Anderson selects his colors with meticulous precision and sticks to them through costume and set design in the most aesthetically pleasing way.

However, his movies are being celebrated and recognized by Tiktok users across various social media platforms. According to Know Your Meme, "Acting Like You Are In A Wes Anderson Film" is a TikTok trend in which people post videos filmed in the same cinematography style as Anderson. It began in April 2023 and became popularized over the following weeks under an original sound for the song "Obituary" by Alexandre Desplat. The videos feature impeccable accuracy with the Anderson movies with quirks like bold and muted colors, characters staring straight into the camera, a focus on objects, and production design.



On April 8, TikTok user @avawillyums posted a video captioned, "You better not be acting like you're in a Wes Anderson film when I get there," adding, "With a good imagination, everything is symmetrical. Let a girl daydream!" The video shows a great resemblance to Anderson's movies and garnered over 12 million views. Next up, @keithafadi hopped on the trend and posted a video of a trip to Honest Burger with his wife. "I’ve recently discovered Wes Anderson and his films, so here is a quick & fun little video," he captioned the video, which amassed 8 million views. A woodshop is an apt setting for an Anderson movie, and TikTok user @josh_rimmey posted a video showing us his work that received over 2.8 million views. 







TikTok user and actor @themichaelbarrymore posted a version of the trend, in which he rode trains and read books with the upbeat "Obituary" song playing in the background. The video garnered over 1.2 million views. TikTok user @twolostkids posted the same, racking up over 1.3 million views. On April 19, Twitter user @zoenora6 started a thread of their favorite videos from the trend, writing, "For anyone who doesn’t have TikTok: there’s a trend at the moment where people are romanticizing their lives by editing them like Wes Anderson and it’s honestly so creative and wholesome." 







Crystal Palace’s training montage was also shot like an Anderson movie and posted to Twitter where it received over 103.2K views. Moreover, these Tiktokers are doing Anderson a service and depicting how hard it is to do Wes Anderson things well. Anderson's films are phenomenal and deserve all the attention it has received on social media over the last couple of weeks. On TikTok, the hashtag #wesanderson has over 659.3M views, with many attempting to capture the color-stricken dream depicted in movies. 




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