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People are outraged about a job listing requiring 10+ years of experience for $15 an hour

People on the internet were left outraged when they came across a job listing that made no sense to all.

People are outraged about a job listing requiring 10+ years of experience for $15 an hour
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Yan Krukau; Reddit | u/Joshiganns

From millennials to Gen Z, everyone is jumping around from one job to another, trying to find the perfect work-life balance as well as get good enough pay to sustain themselves in this economy. To get hired for a particular job, people usually apply for a position after reading through the amount of experience it requires and the amount of pay they can expect. However, this weird job listing baffled everyone in the Reddit community after u/Joshiganns shared its screenshot.

Representational Cover Image Source: Pixabay | JESHOOTS-com
Representational  Image Source: Pexels | JESHOOTS

The listing mentions that it is for the position of a help desk support technician. There is no location mentioned, but it is a contract-based job. Then, it said the applicant must have more than ten years of work experience working on the help desk. The salary mentioned for the job is astoundingly low as they will be providing only $15 to $20 per hour. In total, an employee in this position is required to work for 8 hours a day and their expected hours of the week will be 40. The screenshot concludes with a question from the fellow who shared it on Reddit and it reads, "Is there any point in trying to recruit someone with this much experience for so little pay?"

Image Source: Reddit | u/Joshigaans
Image Source: Reddit | u/Joshigaans

The Reddit community was collectively drowning in a pool of disbelief over the strange and nonsensical requirements for the job opportunity and the comment section started bustling with opinionated people. u/DefinitelyNotADave wrote, "Yup. 41.5k a year. If it's $20 for 10 years of experience is an insult. I'm assuming they go $15, which is 31k a year. Which is unsustainable now, short of having a well-off partner or dating the CEO who pays for everything." u/BlitzkriegOmega noted, "This is a position they are legally obligated to post but do not want to fill so they can continue running a skeleton crew."

u/bzzzr commented, "Yeah this is specifically bait for an H1B Visa. Now in 6 months, they can show how they couldn't find anyone qualified in the US and immigration will let them bring someone over willing to do it that cheaply." u/Naula-H joked, "I bet all my money that the owner of this business posts on Facebook how no one wants to work anymore and how the young people are lazy." u/PD-100PH revealed, "My 4th internship paid more for that when I hadn't even graduated yet. As the top comment says, they want to continue to run their skeleton crew. The demand of 10 years out does the payscale that they mentioned."

Image Source: TikTok | u/Graywulff
Image Source: Reddit | u/Graywulff

u/Drogan1088 quipped, "What could that position be doing to need 10 years of experience? Surely, a month or two of training would suffice. And it would still take a couple of months for someone with 10 years of experience to learn the little things that this company does to effectively accomplish what needs to be done." u/JamesonQuay mentioned, "Seriously, nobody survives 10 years on the help desk at L1. Someone needs to tell them this isn't the career for them. There's always barber college."

Image Source: Reddit | u/MadtitanThanosCJ
Image Source: Reddit | u/MadtitanThanosCJ

u/wombat696d shared, "I do know people who have that many years of help desk experience (I work in IT too) and there's no way they are going to fill that role with those requirements. At least someone could have that many years of experience with a help desk role. My favorites are the ones where they want x+5 years of experience with a system that's only existed for some years." u/TG_CID134 added, "Anyone who's been at the help desk for 10 years is clinically insane by now due to solving layer 8 problems daily for a decade." Here is to hoping that job requirements like these should disappear soon so people can get paid fair and squarely.

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