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People are loving this vintage chair on sale for it's hilarious advertising: 'I'll take two'

An antique chair was on sale. The company needed to up their advertising game so they chose the best sign possible to get customers attracted to it.

People are loving this vintage chair on sale for it's hilarious advertising: 'I'll take two'
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Faruk Tokluoğlu

The world of marketing relies on how companies advertise their products and services. Without a proper and attractive promotion, it will be a challenge to catch customers’ eyes and sell even the simplest products. When it comes to antiques or products that aren’t in demand, the advertising needs to be top-notch. Similarly, a vintage chair in England had to pull off a similar stunt, per Newsweek. As a vintage product, there was not much to flaunt in the cushioned chair apart from a monotonous floral print. However, in order to make the same prospect for a purchase, a hilarious advertising sign was put up. Adam (@adamgreattweet) shared a picture of the chair on X and its hilarious caption that has people hysterically impressed

Representative Image Source: Pexels| EVG Kowalievska
Representative Image Source: Pexels| EVG Kowalievska

The chair was placed with its pair and a couch, forming a set. There was a sign planted on a chair that read, “Definitely not haunted!” The looks of the chair said completely otherwise. It’s as if the sign was being sarcastic, like a child who would say just about anything to avert homework. “That’s exactly what a haunted chair would say,” the caption read. The hilarious sign has been the cause of a chuckle for many. @Cerra_ said, “I don’t know, but I kinda want the chair now.” @anne_cooney remarked, “Those are old people's chairs. Dead old people chairs.” @EscapedArea51 joked, “I’ll take two.” @K8teeg shared, “With advertising like that, you could really up the price on that chair. I know people that would pay extra for a haunted many.” 


Advertising really has the power to turn the value of a product around. In a similar instance, an Uber Eats driver ensured the best promotion for his job by choosing the perfect outlet to advertise. It is a known fact that advertisements are of no use if not exposed enough. However, a man named Ryan Smith (@ryansmithrealtor2) knew just how to play his “cards” right. The man got creative with his advertising and opted to send out his business cards through a guaranteed outlet. As a realtor and an Uber Eats driver, he decided to get his business out by attaching his card with his deliveries. 

For every food package he delivered, he’d staple his business card with a note for customers to read. It mentioned his basic details, services and other information. He also requested that the customer refer his services if possible. “Have to get creative. Think outside the box!” he hilariously wrote with images of his ideal form of advertising. The man attached his business cards outside the packages and for some, even on the bills so customers wouldn’t miss out.

Image Source: TikTok|@ryansmithrealtor2
Image Source: TikTok|@ryansmithrealtor2

Several people complimented his unique idea and appreciated his passion to keep his business going. @ladiesman2oneseven wrote, “I’m going to be honest, this is a great tactic for other markets.” @_lidi3_ mentioned, “Hey man, this is how you get ahead! Who cares what anyone says? You’re putting yourself out there and I’m sure it will work out.” @sergioshawaiz wrote, “Now this is a hustle. A man with a good vision. You will become a good realtor!”

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