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A mysterious snow-blowing pink unicorn is clearing up the streets in Ohio

People from the community shared pictures of the unicorn clearing the streets and thanked them for the service.

A mysterious snow-blowing pink unicorn is clearing up the streets in Ohio
Image source: Twitter/CommunitySolsED Twitter/WeThePeopleCLE

Every kid grows out of the phase where they believe unicorns are real. But, not in a small community in Ohio. Unicorns are as real as they come in Lakewood, and they are usually found snow-blowing streets over there. Not all heroes wear capes. This one wears a unicorn costume and everyone in the community wants to meet the person and thank them for clearing the streets and spreading joy. “He does the entire street, which is so awesome,” one neighbor told local news, “and Wagar is a real long street.” The person in the pink unicorn costume was a mystery for a while but ultimately it was revealed to be Ron Kollmorgen, a man from the neighborhood, reported News 5 Cleveland.



Kollmorgen says he started the tradition in 2020 and has been doing it since. He says he might as well entertain viewers while he is at it. “Just a little thing, neighborly thing to do, and help out and the costume thing is just to make people smile," he told News 5. He said it takes him roughly 30 minutes to clear the sidewalks on his block. Kollmorgen said he received the unicorn costume as a birthday gift and wanted to put it to good use. Such costumes help insulate themselves from the cold and the snow, which makes it easier for him.



The unicorn went viral after a Twitter user posted a picture of the person snow blowing. “Someone in Lakewood dons a unicorn costume while snow blowing and this is the kind of community I want,” someone wrote. The tweet was shared more than 47k times and liked by 323k people. Another person posted a picture taken in the same community from 2020, when he snow-blowed the street on Christmas. "Such an awesome community!!! The Wagar Ave. Unicorn was back this year and just made my night!!! My family and I loved watching him plow on by!!!” Bethany Staley posted on Facebook. “Thank you, neighbor.” John Corlett, another member of the community said it was good to see him back in action. “I was actually kind of sad when it didn’t snow this year on Christmas. I thought we might see him again,” Corlett replied. “I remember that he even snow-blowed the driveway of someone who lived across the street.” One person on Twitter wrote, "This year the person who grated our road owns the pot farm next to me. Great guy! Best neighbors ever!!!"





Some even said it symbolized the community as well. "I moved out of Lakewood about 7 years ago. It’s a unique town that’s indescribable. Best I can say it’s like a liberal college town with no college," wrote one person. Another person hailed the man. "Love people like this! Need more of them! We've got to take these lemons and make lemonade!! This pandemic isn't going anywhere," they wrote. Many shared pictures of people wearing all kinds of costumes while snow-blowing streets in their communities and the photos were hilarious. Unicorns, tigers and dinosaurs were the go-to for many. 














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