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People are in splits with woman's reaction after crashing her car and it's relatable

The girl shared a hilarious incident where she crashed with another woman and both of them called their dads.

People are in splits with woman's reaction after crashing her car and it's relatable
Representative Cover Image Source: Pexels | Andrea Piacquadio; X | @mcamilaapx

Many women have the privilege of having a dad who supports them through thick and thin, always finding a way to help. This was the case for a woman who shared a relatable and wholesome story on X. Camila (@mcamilaapx) posted a thread about an amusing encounter she had, which resonated with many daughters.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Godisable Jacob
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Godisable Jacob

"Some girl just crashed into me and we both didn't know what to do. So we called our dads and we're just standing here holding our phones together so our dads can talk to each other," the woman shared. "Y’all, she dented my bumper. I wasn't going to call the police for that. I took pictures and got her insurance. We didn't know what to do after, so we called our dads and yes, I don't care, I'm a daddy's girl for life," she added, further explaining the situation. The post received over 18 million views and more than 765k likes. People took to the comments section to share similar situations.


@lizzational wrote, "I always called my dad when I didn't know what to do and he always came to me. Didn't matter when or where or why. Treasure what you have now because when your dad is gone, it is hard to lose that truly devoted love that is rarely given by any other man." @Lacy423 remarked, "Wholesome. I've only ever been in one wreck, but I immediately called my dad. I was 17. The person who drove into me while I was stationary was not pleased when he found out my dad was an attorney." @erichsl shared, "As a dad, I couldn't love this more. That's why we exist. Sadly, I can't call my dad any longer, but my girls can call me! And that gives me such joy."


@arrtnem commented, "I think the moral of this whole story is sometimes you just got to bring in the pros — i.e., dads. This is sweet that you both just stood there in place, phones at the ready to let them honk. These are the moments that remind us it is OK not to know and rely on someone else. It even creates bonds, and who knows we all might laugh about this in a few years! Try to breathe. The dads will take care of all that stuff and remember, you're doing a great job. You can do it and everything will be fine again."


@MrNiceGuyHaha expressed, "As a Dad of daughters who are young adults, this warms my heart. I love being a Dad and doing Dad things. Those two Dads were so happy to talk with each other!! And I do Dad stuff like this for my son, too - makes me just as happy!" @angelicalainis pointed out, "The first time crashing is so real. I once bumped into a guy's car and just burst into tears. He was so rough with me, but when he saw I didn't know what to do, he helped me in the steps and then, at the end of the day, said don't worry about it. It was awful, but I learned what to do for the next time."


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