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Passenger sitting next to a traveller with bagpipes makes an intriguing discovery on flight

The passenger took social media by storm for sharing an amazing discovery that they made during a flight, thanks to a fellow passenger.

Passenger sitting next to a traveller with bagpipes makes an intriguing discovery on flight
Cover Image Source: Twitter| @Vamos_DCU

Flight trips can offer authentic experiences not just because of the visuals and services but also because of the vibrant and diverse passengers that come on board. While some incidents may not be as great, some are astonishingly worth cherishing. DC Unhilist – who goes by @Vamos_DCU on X – shared their recent experience and it is taking social media by storm. Not only did the passengers observe something stunning onboard, but they also discovered that it was truly one of a kind and were quite intrigued by the discovery. Turns out, one can indeed find delightful ways to keep themselves occupied without disturbing their fellow passengers.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Kevin B.
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Kevin B.

The passenger shared a picture of the man beside them and revealed that they were playing an instrument throughout the flight. The caption of the post revealed, “A guy in my flight apparently plays the bagpipes.” Bagpipes are brutally loud if one has ever heard them. However, the best part is, though he played his instrument, no one but him heard even a whiff of it. The passenger then added, “He has a little electric bagpipe he plugs his headphones into and only he can hear. He has been silently (to everyone but himself) ripping his bagpipe for 5 straight hours.” It was indeed mind-baffling to know that the man was playing such an instrument all to himself without any disturbance.




The passenger was taken aback by the advanced technology and the idea of the man using it on his flight. They said, “I have no choice but to respect this.” The post went viral and received over 2 million views. Commenters were going crazy at the instruments and musicians were simply in awe. @WattsUpKarin revealed, “My dad has played for 30+ years. The analog version of this is called a chanter and is not silent.” @SpiritofEntrpr said, “The electric bagpipes are pretty awesome, especially if you have ever heard real bagpipes, which are incredibly loud and often sound horrible because of changing humidity or a variety of other reasons. Nice to be able to practice indoors without shattering every piece of glass.”


The passenger also shared a clip of the man playing the electronic bagpipe. However, they were only able to capture the professional movement of their fingers over the instrument, as the sound was completely unheard. The caption could tell of the eagerness the passenger felt. It read, “Oh, Danny Boy. The pipes, the pipes, are calling.” The advanced instrument offers a somewhat authentic bagpipe experience without creating inconvenience for those around. While the passenger was awestruck with the unique invention, it was hard to tell what mesmerized them more: The electronic bagpipes or the fact that the man managed to play the instrument for 5 whole hours without bothering a single soul.


People in the comments section applauded the man for his talent and thoughtfulness in maintaining the silence during the flight. @tsrichardson said, “I heard an English proverb that goes something like this: The true definition of a gentleman is a person who knows how to play the bagpipes but does not. This is definitely an exception.” @RaysUpForTampa said, “People are awesome. Love seeing dudes have specific interests that are this committed.”

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