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Two partygoers match their chaotic energies in an epic dance-off to 'Rasputin'

Many hailed the pair 'Gomez and Morticia cosplaying as normies' as the two matched steps to Boney M's iconic hit 'Rasputin.'

Two partygoers match their chaotic energies in an epic dance-off to 'Rasputin'
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/esberat

Editor's note: This article was originally published on January 20, 2023. It has since been updated.

Some of us love dancing at weddings, festivals and parties. Dancing becomes more fun when we have great partners - those who love dancing just as much as us. In a video uploaded on Reddit, a man can be seen dancing to Boney M's "Rasputin" and swaying to the song's beats. A woman soon joins him on the dance floor matching his steps. They keep going back and forth while dancing. Their energies are in sync and it's such a delight to see them dance together. 

Image Source: Reddit | u/esberat
Image Source: Reddit | u/esberat

The video has more than 200,000 upvotes and is captioned, "When you meet a person whose energy matches with yours." Many on Reddit suspected that they ended up together after the dance. u/leftilty wrote, "And they danced off happily ever after!" u/wanted797 said, "I feel like these two are already together." u/chaikathy commented, "I will never know this feeling. Idk how people dance." u/harbor_barber wrote, "Please tell me they got married right after this." u/buckstar11 commented: "Dang, dude is even channeling the Rasputin beard vibes. Art imitates life."


In another video of a talented dancer, an educator named Yolanda Turner is seen schooling a student during a dance battle. She is a Hillsborough County tutor. It all started with a game called "dance telephone” which became a dance-off. The students were surprised to know Turner is a learned longtime vibe dancer and has also participated in talent shows as a child. "The students were playing games. They were, you know, eating and enjoying their break time," Turner told Good Morning America. "They decided to tap me in, to call me out."

Image Source: Twitter/@McClainEducates
Image Source: Twitter/@McClainEducates

She had a dance-off with her former student O'Rian during a break between exams. The student's jaw visibly drops when he sees his teacher's dance skills. "It caught me like completely by surprise -- I was in shock," O'Rian said. "I had to regroup myself like I didn't know that that was going to happen. We do a lot of dance-offs at our school, everyone's pretty much active in the music and dancing scene." But he admitted he's "never danced against Ms. Turner before - she caught me off guard."


They both share a special bond even though O'Rian is no longer her student. "So he was a student of mine in the past. But we're always interacting on some level. He's either coming to my room or, you know, wanting to help," said Turner. "We're musically inclined. We sing we dance. If you see him, you're gonna see him dancing."

She then spoke about how grateful she is for the in-school interactions with her students since the pandemic. "I've always had a great time with our students... They're so resilient," she said. "They deserve to have a great time, and I'm just happy to be a part of that. I just want them to always remember that nothing is that bad where you can't dance."

The internet sure loves dance videos - whether it's of a teacher-student dance duo or of these dance floor partners moving to the beats of "Rasputin."

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