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Parmesan cheese-loving woman gets bizarre royal treatment at an Italian restaurant

This looks like a cheese lover heaven when the server arrives to grate some parmesan straight into a customer's mouth.

 Parmesan cheese-loving woman gets bizarre royal treatment at an Italian restaurant
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @madelinesmall16

Cheese lovers can never say they have had enough cheese on a dish. The more, the better. It looks like this woman had the time of her life at an Italian restaurant where they served her all the grated parmesan she wanted, undoubtedly an experience she might never forget. Madeline—who goes by @madelinesmall16 on TikTok—shared a video of her friend Marina, an avid parmesan cheese lover, enjoying a hearty meal at a restaurant which is made extra special with the arrival of the server, a block of parmesan and a cheese grater.

 Image Source: TikTok | @madelinesmall16
Image Source: TikTok | @madelinesmall16

Marina–who goes by @lil_parmesan_ on TikTok–is also jokingly known as "Lil Parm" according to Madeline's video caption and the viewers can see why. Madeline films and laughs at Marina, who requests the server for more cheese on her bare palms because she already has a cheese-coated dish in front of her. The server understood his assignment as he brought the block of parmesan and a small grater to the table and started raining the cheese bits into Marina's cupped palms.

But Marina balls up the shredded cheese and eats it then and there as the server giggles. Just when Madeline might have thought that her friend has had enough of her parmesan fest, the server arrives at their table once again and Marina gets more cheese grated into her hands. However, it seems the giddy cheese lover is still not satisfied. Now, it is possible that the server and Marina had a silent conversation where she gestured for him to grate the parmesan directly into her mouth and he complied, sprinkling a whole lot of cheese into her open mouth.

 Image Source: TikTok | @madelinesmall16
Image Source: TikTok | @madelinesmall16

Madeline continues to laugh uncontrollably at her friend when Marina realizes she still has more cheese left in her hand and she turns to a couple of dining by their side and offers them some. "Do you guys wanna have some?" Marina asks them as the couple erupts into giggles as well. Madeline further wrote in the post's comments that this cheesy incident happened at Nonnina restaurant, located in Chicago and their server's name was Rodrigo. Madeline added that it was "safe to say the service was above and beyond."

Image Source; TikTok | @doctorstonks_
Image Source: TikTok | @doctorstonks_

The video gained over 7 million views and attention from big brands like Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Google, YouTube, Swiffer, AliExpress, Cetaphil and many more. Fellow TikTok users were also delighted to see a cheese lover receiving what she wanted. @trice.ratops wrote: "I aspire to have this level of confidence in my chaos." @maddiethompson joked, "The people at the other table passed the vibe check." @kara_work commented, "This kind of people makes moments so special! The life rule: Life's short! Be yourself! Enjoy the special moments!" @klamshell added, "Was this a dare or is she just like that because I would 100% do this anytime."

@madelinesmall16 her nickname isnt lil parm for no reason!! #fyp @marina ♬ original sound - smalls


We must also applaud the generous server and the restaurant for Madeline and Marina's "cheesy" demand. In a similar story, a restaurant in London decided to make Natalie, a blind woman, who was celebrating her birthday, feel special. The staff brought in a chocolate-decorated plate wishing her a happy birthday, but there was something special about it. The chef had used melted chocolate to spell out happy birthday in braille so Natalie could read it herself. The heartwarming moment was captured on camera and the video was shared by @natbysight on TikTok. Natalie was touched and seemed genuinely pleased by the thoughtful gesture. She wrote in the video: "So I'm blind, and this is the moment I realized the lengths the restaurant staff went to wish me a happy birthday."

Image Source: TikTok | @natbysight
Image Source: TikTok | @natbysight

You can follow Madeline (@madelinesmall16) on TikTok for content based on fashion and lifestyle.

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