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Park Ranger repeatedly tases Native American man in disturbing video

The Native American man had no weapons on him or posed any threat but the Park Ranger can be seen attacking him with his stun gun.

Park Ranger repeatedly tases Native American man in disturbing video
Image source: Instagram/hou5edm

Trigger warning: This article contains graphic visuals that may disturb readers.

Disturbing footage has emerged of a Native American man being violently tased by a park ranger for stepping off the trail in an incident in New Mexico. Darrell House, who is Oneida and Navajo, was out on a walk with his sister and his dog at Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, on Sunday when the incident happened. The video shows the park ranger repeatedly using a stun gun on the man despite not posing any visible threat. Darrell House had stepped off the trail in order to maintain social distance as a group of hikers approached him, reported NBC News. The park ranger warned House to stay on the path but then proceeds to attack him using a stun gun as he tries to arrest him for no reason whatsoever. House said that he often prays and meditates in honor of the land and his ancestors.




The horrific video shows the Native American man pleading with the park ranger as the latter tased him. Darrell House's sister can be seen pleading with the park ranger to stop attacking her brother but to no avail. She recorded the incident on her phone before House uploaded the same on Instagram. House repeatedly states he did nothing wrong and promises to return to the trail but the park ranger starts targeting him. "I don't have anything. I apologize for going off the trail," House can be heard telling the park ranger in between screams.



"This could have been a civil interaction," wrote House on Instagram. "The law doesn’t work for the Indigenous. The government doesn’t give a sh*t about us. This was uncalled for. You see I’m clearly on the trail. I explained my reason for being off-trail (which I shouldn’t have to.) If anyone has the right to be off trail and wander this land, it’s the NATIVE
INDIGENOUS COMMUNITY!" He also accused the park ranger of being drunk on power. "You would think with George Floyd and Breonna Taylor with the Black Lives Matter Movement authorities would try to avoid having to pull a weapon out," he added.


The National Park Service released footage of the officer's body camera which showed the park ranger asking House for his identification multiple times but House didn't feel the need to share his details. Given the abuse of power, we have seen from authorities over the past year, especially towards minorities in America, you'd understand why House was hesitant to hand over his information or consent to being arrested for going off trail. House refused to provide his ID and gives false identity and date of birth. The officer repeatedly threatens to detain him if he refused to not ID himself. "You're being detained because you refused to identify yourself," the ranger can be heard saying. "If you resist, I will Tase you." House didn't see any reason to give his identification. "I don't need to tell people why I'm coming there to pray and give things in honor to the land. I don't need permission or consent," said House before adding, "And I don't think he liked that very much." The National Park Service hasn't identified the park ranger. One officer can be seen handcuffing House but the video cuts off shortly after.



The National Park Service said it was investigating the incident.  “Prior to the officer using his electronic control device, or taser, the officer attempted to resolve the interaction with an educational contact and simple warning,” said the agency in a statement. “During this initial interaction, both individuals provided fake names and dates of birth to the officer.” They confirmed that House was ticketed for three citations: “being in a closed area off trail, providing false identity information, and failing to comply with a lawful order.” House’s sister was also cited for providing false information and being off trail. House said he has never had an issue prior to this while performing his rituals. "We don't have a set time, we don't have set places, we don't have buildings, and we don't have things built to worship," said House. "I am Native, you know. I have rights to this land. I have rights off the trail," he added.

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