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Parents share hilarious instances on Twitter that shout why they need a break urgently

'There was a hostage situation at my daughter’s 3 hour dance recital. It was me, I was held hostage,' tweeted a parent.

Parents share hilarious instances on Twitter that shout why they need a break urgently
Cover Image Source: Twitter | (L) @BradMacDonald2; (R) @mommajessiec

Parenting is a 24*7 lifetime job. However, no matter how much the parents love their children and say they are the "best thing that ever happened" to them, it is natural for a parent to want a break from this responsibility of bringing up and taking care of their offspring. Children are unpredictable and might surprise you with the thoughts and questions they come up with. Dealing with that surely sounds fun, but it can be soul-draining. These parents deserve a much-deserved long break, a martini, or a pie full of sweet cherries. But all we can offer now are some tweets by parents who have shared some hilarious instances that scream immediate breaks for them. Have a good laugh!

1. 'Not nice of me' 


2. Little Harvey 


3. No way 


4. Need this story to end 


5. Love the trash


6. No need for surprises... you were enough


7. Epic games with friends 


8. This person deserves a medal to survive this... or maybe a candy 


9. Catching seagulls in school


10. 'Eat the babies' 


11. "He just wanted a ride" 


12. Poop detective 


13. Don't need that full custody


14. Welcome to parenthood 


15. When does the weekend? Never.


16. Make better use of AI already 


17. Screen time but no me time 


18. Counting mommies


19. Now that's an apt perception


20. Fell in lava for sure 


21. Not surprise please


22. Valid excuses 


23. No time to fight 


24. The ultimate hits 


25. The classics


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