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Parents' ingenious trick that got their infant to stop crying in the car is a hit on the internet

The mom and dad were exhausted from the tantrums their infant would throw during every drive but this smooth move solved their problem.

Parents' ingenious trick that got their infant to stop crying in the car is a hit on the internet
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @pumpedupmama

Babies, in most cases, can not stand being away from their mothers' touch and presence, even for minutes. In such cases, tantrums are expected, but there are creative solutions. Mom Jacquie Ciccone–who goes by @pumpedupmomma on Instagram–has driven the internet crazy with an ingenious trick to get her baby to stop crying during car drives. The mom mentioned that her infant dislikes car drives and cannot stand them without a tantrum. 

Image Source: Instagram| @pumpedupmama
Image Source: Instagram| @pumpedupmama

She revealed that her baby wanted only her to be by her side all the time and nothing else worked, as reported by TODAY. “I tried everything. Pacifiers, singing, a portable sound machine, her big brother would try to make her laugh, you name it, I tried it," she recalled. It was so bad that there was screaming and discomfort at the top. “I’m pretty sure that people driving next to us could hear her screaming. And it was nonstop,” she said. However, the dad came up with a creative solution to help with the same. “I was standing in the kitchen and he comes up to me and asks me to smile — and then he snaps a picture really close to my face,” the mom mentioned. 

The dad tried his luck again with his daughter and a drive. The little one was seated in her car seat, safely strapped and tucked, but was getting worried about being in a car and going over the drive. However, the little girl spotted something in front of her and immediately began to smile from cheek to cheek. The mom revealed that her daughter was unfazed by the fact that she was in a car because she had something more important to admire. Placed firmly on the front of the rear seat was the picture of Ciccone herself.

Image Source: Instagram| @pumpedupmama
Image Source: Instagram| @pumpedupmama

The headshot and her wide smile gave the little girl the impression that her mum was right there with her. After laying eyes on the picture, the girl could not stop smiling. The transition from her mood before and after the picture during drives was remarkable. “I took her to physical therapy that day — it’s about an hour each way — and I was absolutely dreading it in Los Angeles traffic, but she did great,” she added. “When your baby hates the car but loves your face,” she wrote in her caption. “Sometimes she cooes at the picture while we’re driving, it’s pretty adorable!” Ciconne remarked. 

Mamas and other parents are stealing the idea like no other. @purelychickens wrote, “This is so smart! My babies are 9 and 7 years old now, but I’m doing this for them.” @balletbeautiful added, “Smiling so big that is too cute!” @nataliabradynutrition remarked, “This is amazing and the best idea ever!” @lauravestradam wrote, “Yes, yes, yes. It works. It helped me a lot with my baby for those desperate rides, where I had to drive, and I also recorded myself on video and put it on an iPad on loop.”

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