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Parents hilariously respond to people asking why they have multiple children: 'Need more help'

When people asked a couple why they would 'purposely have four children,' they gave a brilliant and light-hearted answer.

Parents hilariously respond to people asking why they have multiple children: 'Need more help'
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @suzannelynnwhite

When it comes to having a family, one size doesn't fit everyone. Some people might want multiple kids and a full house while others might want fewer kids or none at all. So, when a couple was asked why they would "purposely have four children" they took to Instagram to answer the question. Although the question was asked to shame the parents' decision to have more kids, the couple, Suzanne White and Dillon White—who go by @suzannelynnwhite on TikTok—decided to make light of the situation and share hilarious reasons for having multiple kids.

Image Source: Instagram | @suzannelynnwhite
Image Source: Instagram | @suzannelynnwhite

As the video began, Suzanne shared, "We will be having a fourth child in the coming months. Someone asked why we would purposely have four children. Here are the reasons." Dillon chimed in, "We need more bags of random stuff all around the house." Suzanne pointed out, "Just need more help carrying in the groceries." Dillon on the other hand hoped for more shoes to trip on. The couple listed the reasons as they were holding back laughter and digging into popsicles with forks.

Image Source: Instagram | @suzannelynnwhite
Image Source: Instagram | @suzannelynnwhite

"Really enjoy laundry and so does we were just trying to come up with a clever way to ensure that we have more laundry," the wife joked. “This morning I was making breakfast and I thought, you know, I don’t like that I’m almost using a whole carton of eggs. I just wanna be able to use the whole thing,” the husband continued as both of them burst out laughing. As the woman was about to give the next reason, she had to pause for a moment because it was downright hilarious. "None of our kids needed leashes, and I just thought" she trailed off as her husband began chortling with his mouth open.


"Speaking of leashes, I am hoping for another kid to not take the dogs on a walk," Dillon goes on. "Our house right now is just simply not loud enough," the mom threw in another point. "I really want a bedtime routine that takes up the whole night," the dad added. If one thought that this couldn't get any funnier the parents added that they were looking for ways to increase their water bill and find more activities to be late to. "We were almost on time today," the wife said. "I thought, this feels weird, how can we fix this," the husband completed her thought.


The parents hoped that the video addressed people's concerns. Suzanne captioned the post, "...forget how fun kids are or how much we love being parents." People took to the comments to applaud the couple's fun spirit. @meetinthemiddle_7 wrote, "7 kids here. I snorted my energy drink out of my nose while watching this. I really love turning off all the lights and flushing all the toilets in my house 24/7. It’s great cardio. I have a 4-year-old so I have about 15 more years to enjoy this hobby."

Image Source: Instagram | @aishiatodd
Image Source: Instagram | @aishiatodd
Image Source: Instagram | @elegantparenting
Image Source: Instagram | @elegantparenting

@cupofdoodle pointed out, "I have zero questions about why the 4th kid, but I have endless questions about eating a push-up pop with a fork." @katrina_g._mcc remarked, "This kind of laughter only comes from best friends staying up way too late. Or being right on the verge of insanity."

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