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Mom-to-be asks if parenting is all about struggle, people responded with the best things about being parents

Hundreds of Twitter users weighed in to assure the expecting mom that while parenthood isn't easy, it is still a very rewarding experience.

Mom-to-be asks if parenting is all about struggle, people responded with the best things about being parents
Cover Image Source: Twitter/Rose Stokes

Unlike the old days, parents today are far more open about the daily struggles that come with raising a child. While this helps people make a more informed decision about whether parenting is for them, the reality that parenthood isn't all tiny hugs and hot chocolate before bed does make some future parents nervous about what they're taking on. Writer Rose Stokes, who is expecting a child soon, recently took to Twitter with her concerns. "Without wanting to undermine the struggles of parenthood, which I know are huge, I'm getting a bit anxious with lots of people telling me how hard and difficult being a mother will be. As an antidote: parents of Twitter, what big or small things do you love about having children?" she asked.


Hundreds of Twitter users weighed in to assure Stokes that while parenthood isn’t easy, it is still a very rewarding experience and the love she will feel for her baby eclipses the hard parts. "It's relentless when they're very young, rather than hard. The best thing is falling in love with them even more every time you see them. I remember breastfeeding my daughter at night & being overwhelmed with the waves of love for her. Every day they do something new & amazing," tweeted English radio presenter, Julia Hartley-Brewer. "Yes there's not much sleep at first, nappies & colic but just when you're exhausted after a few weeks, they smile at you for the first time and your heart will leap with joy. And just wait until you hear their first proper belly laugh. Glorious!"






Speaking to Bored Panda about what's been worrying her the most about becoming a parent, Stokes said: "That I won't be able to cope with the momentous changes that it involves, especially the lack of sleep, and that I will struggle mentally." Reading the comments that flooded her tweet has made her feel much better, she revealed. "Definitely! I think it's all about balance, we of course need to be aware of risks and for the challenges not to be sugarcoated, but it's also important we don't tip too far into scaremongering. Having heard so many downsides I was really struggling to picture being happy in my future but the overwhelmingly positive responses really helped to level me back out," she said.






One of the tweets that struck a chord with her, Stokes revealed, was one in which a mother shared "her mental illness had prepared her well for motherhood. Actually just seeing how much love people hold for their children was really heartening." Stokes, who is very excited to be a mother, shared that the thing that she is most looking forward to is simply meeting her child. "I spend so much time wondering about who they are and what they'll be like, it's exciting to know this new person is coming and we get to discover who they are and what they like all together. I can't wait!" she said.








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