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Parents' epic reaction after discovering both daughters are pregnant is the definition of adorable

The family was just prepping for a holiday portrait when the sisters turned the occasion more joyous.

Parents' epic reaction after discovering both daughters are pregnant is the definition of adorable
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @schleesesisters

When parents learn about their children becoming mom or dad, they often have the most adorable reaction. Now, imagine the scene where parents realize both their daughters are pregnant. Double the happiness! That is what sisters Danielle and Samantha Schleese's parents felt when they got the news. The siblings announced their pregnancy to their parents, Sabine and Johen, last December and the video was recently posted on Instagram.

Image Source: Instagram | @schleesesisters
Image Source: Instagram | @schleesesisters

In the video, the family can be seen posing for a holiday portrait. As soon as the photo is about to be clicked, Danielle shouts, "Samantha is pregnant." It took a few seconds for the parents to realize and the dad goes, "What?" Then the whole family says, "Samantha is pregnant," but her mother still doesn't believe it. So she asks her daughter, "Are you?" and she responds, "Yes." The mother says. No way!" Then she gets emotional

Meanwhile, her dad can be seen counting the number of grandchildren he is going to have. After which, Johen also hugs his daughter. In the next scene, they can again be seen posing for a family portrait, and this time, Samantha announces, "Danielle's pregnant." The parents, again in disbelief, asks Danielle, "Are you?" and she responds, "Yeah." After this, the whole family can be seen celebrating and hugging each other.

Image Source: Instagram | @schleesesisters
Image Source: Instagram | @schleesesisters

The video is captioned, "I don't think this was processed at first." People loved the parent's reaction to their pregnancies. @paigeferragina commented, "I love how your mom says, 'Samantha's pregnant,' but it still doesn't register. Hahahaha. So cute." @xo_smileykylie wrote, "What I really love about this video is that you gave each other time to celebrate with your parents separately. What a wonderful celebration!! Congratulations."

@pontia8181 shared, “I cannot stop crying tears of joy for you all as if I'm a family member or something.” @_harriet.alice said, “Omg love watching the husbands. Can tell they feel loved by their in-laws!!” @caddy_superville expressed, “Aww I love this so much. Truly amazing that both of you are pregnant again together! So much love.” @gaqidonsr shared, “I have the biggest smile watching this over and over.”

Image Source: Instagram | @schleesesisters
Image Source: Instagram | @schleesesisters

According to TODAY, Danielle's due date is August 15, and Samantha's is August 27. Samantha and Danielle live in neighboring houses in rural Ontario, Canada. Samantha shared that they cherish the relationships with each other's kids. She added that she feels more like her nephew's mom than his aunt. Both their children are two years old.

Interestingly, Sabine and Johen will also be moving to a house on the compound in the coming year that will allow them to see closely their grandkids grow. "Our community of family is really growing," Danielle told the outlet. Samantha shared that they will be leaning on each other for support through pregnancy and later motherhood. "Motherhood can be quite lonely," Danielle says. "It's the best to be able to lean on each other emotionally and mentally."

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