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Paramedic gets emotional during his final radio call after 40 years of service: 'A true professional'

Chorney shared that he enjoyed his time working with Halton paramedics, and it was a 'very good part' of his life.

Paramedic gets emotional during his final radio call after 40 years of service: 'A true professional'
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Opseu Halton Paramedics

It was an emotional day for Mike Chorney from Halton Region Paramedic Services. He has been working as a paramedic for the past 40 years and February 1, Wednesday, was his last day on his job. He choked up and was teary-eyed while signing off from duty during his final radio call to his colleagues. Over the radio, one of his colleagues read out all the achievements that Chorney had made, which made him emotional. After which, he said, "Thank you very much for those kind words " as he wiped his tears with a crumpled tissue.


Then he added, "As you can tell, I’m probably a little choked up here. I have more people looking at me now than anybody ever did before.” Chorney shared that he enjoyed working with Halton paramedics and it was a "very good part" of his life. “I’m sorry to be going, but it’s all gotta be done one way or another,” he said and then thanked his colleagues.



The department also took to Twitter to congratulate Chorney. They wrote, "Congratulations to Mike who is retiring after 40 years of service to Halton residents. All the best in the next chapter!" The Twitter post has more than 47,000 views and 581 likes. Some former colleagues shared their experiences working with him. @Mikemedico60 commented, "Happy Retirement and long life and health. Worked with Mike over those many years. One of his traits was his stubbornness which saw the first vehicle in those days get a portable for each crew member instead of 1 per truck. Take care." @StoichioGuy commented, "When I worked “the streets” Milton, Mike WAS the ever-present professional; it seemed like he worked 24/7… he was always there, and I know there are many who benefitted from Mike's caring approach to his duties. A true professional who left HIS mark; he made a difference!" @patio3900 commented, "Congrats Mike. Enjoyed working with you up in Milton in the 90s."  



Many Twitter users also congratulated him for his years of service to the community. @AliJXie commented, "Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement! Thank you for your commitment and dedication to our community." @msteacherr commented, "Thank you for your service, Mike! Happy retirement and enjoy!!! You deserve it." @Cdn4LFC commented, "Thank you, Mike. I believe you helped my wife after a fall broke her arm entering a restaurant a few years back. Your kindness and professionalism made things much easier for her. Congratulations on your retirement." @EmergMgt commented, "Thousands of patient lives and their families will have been positively touched by this paramedic's 40 years of service. #TrueHero." @tapioca2911 commented, Hey Mike if you happen to read this, I want to thank you for your years of service and wish you happiness and great health in your well-deserved retirement! All the very best!!!"



Opseu Halton Paramedics announced Chorney's retirement on Facebook as well. They wrote, "You deserve an amazing retirement, Mike Chorney. Today we honor you by reflecting on the amazing 40+ years you have dedicated to the community of Halton." They also shared pictures of Chorney's retirement party, where he was awarded a badge for his services.

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