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Overworked employee quits without providing backup for his shift, teaching employers a lesson

This employee at an expensive members-only club called it quits after getting overworked and underpaid. He left without providing a replacement for his shift.

Overworked employee quits without providing backup for his shift, teaching employers a lesson
Cover Image Source: Reddit | u/IntelligentRodent

Every employee deserves to function in a healthy environment where they can enjoy fulfilling their duties. But in most cases, people are not fortunate enough to be blessed with compassionate bosses and are subjected to mistreatment at their workplaces. One Reddit user, u/IntelligentRodent, shared their experience while working at a high-end club and their decision to quit the job after getting ill-treated by the employers. 

Representational Image Source: Pexels
Representational Image Source: Pexels

The Reddit post was titled: "Job wants me to jump through hoops for PTO, quit instead." The overworking club's former employee began his post by explaining that he ultimately decided to resign from his position and was ready to serve through his notice period of three weeks. "Since I'm basically their only host, I work basically every shift and it hasn't gone over well. They ask me to cover basically every shift I don't work and when I don't, they give me an attitude. My last day was the 7th and I've been trying to get my 20 hours of PTO applied to my schedule, but for the 1st week, they dodged the request," the post reads.

The people working in the club relied on this one fellow because there was no other host to attend to the patrons coming in. Hence he was forced to work through extra shifts. "Yesterday, they sent me around playing the blame game with every other manager and finally, I got to talk with HR, who basically said we can't really do anything. I left my uniform in my locker yesterday and sent a text to the brand new manager that just started that it was great to meet her, but this whole thing has been ridiculous and that yesterday was my last day," the Reddit post read.

Image Source: Reddit |  old_woman83
Image Source: Reddit | old_woman83
Image Source: Reddit |  Seanw59
Image Source: Reddit | Seanw59

At this point, the user realized he was being manipulated by his superiors and he decided to cut ties with his employers before getting exploited any further. The Reddit user quitting abruptly might have left the managers in quite a pickle, as they had no other employees to cover for him. "They didn't want to pay me my 20 hours of PTO, so now they are losing 60+ hours of me working and they have literally no other employee to fill, which means the managers will have to work. I worked at a very expensive members-only club where it costs over 10k just for admittance, gotta love it," the man added, expressing no remorse for quitting the job.

Representational Image Source: Pexels
Representational Image Source: Pexels

The comment section readily sided with the mistreated employee and left supportive comments for him. u/tonkatruckz369 wrote: "The rich are rich for this exact reason, scrimp and cut corners, consequences to their business and employees be damned. I have yet to meet a wealthy person that doesn't engage in this behavior regularly with the exception of people that inherited everything they have or are trust fund type people."

u/PaperSt left a suggestion and commented: "Yeah unfortunately they should have used all the PTO before they put in the notice if they don’t live in a state that pays out. You should assume that once you put in your notice they are not doing anything for you anymore. Get your affairs in order before you put in your notice. Assume the day that you put your notice in is the last day you’re working there because they could very well just say you don’t have to finish out your time. Goodbye."

Image Source: Reddit | robby_arctor
Image Source: Reddit | robby_arctor

u/LordOFtheNoldor shared a personal experience: "Those country clubs are such a facade. I've done countless service calls for them. I can't walk through the lobbies or regular areas, I needed the approval to work in a space where members might be and there was one maintenance guy at one who was the head one and he really wanted to be a part of that society you could tell it affects his personal life." 

Image Source: Reddit |  bonamkarth
Image Source: Reddit | bonamkarth

At the end of the day, u/IntelligentRodent taught his employers an apt lesson on how they needed to treat and pay their employees fairly or suffer the consequences in the end.

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