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Orphan raccoon who fell from a tree into the arms of a caring family becomes internet celebrity

Pumpkin the raccoon might not be amongst us anymore to spread joy with her mischiefs but her memory remains intact in the hearts and minds of her fans.

Orphan raccoon who fell from a tree into the arms of a caring family becomes internet celebrity
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @pumpkintheraccoon

Having a pet in your life can bring endless amounts of joy, whether you have a cat, a dog, or, in this case, a raccoon. One day, a baby raccoon fell into the backyard of a family in the Bahamas. The raccoon was only one month old when she slipped out of a tree into Laura Young's backyard. Young hoped that the creature's mother might eventually return to grab her but it quickily became evident that the kit was an orphan. They contacted the Bahamas Humane Society who told them that they were unable to care for the young cub, so the Young family had no other option but to adopt it.

Image Source: Facebook | Pumpkin The Raccoon
Image Source: Facebook |Pumpkin The Raccoon

Since it is legal for families to keep raccoons as pets in the Bahamas, Young and her husband William welcomed the raccoon into their home and kept up-to-date with vaccinations. The raccoon was eventually named Pumpkin and she joined her canine siblings in the household. "With the guidance of friends who have had experience with raccoons -- we cared for her," Young told CBS News. It took Pumpkin a month to recover the leg she had broken after falling from the tree.


Pumpkin quickly gained a loyal following online. Young started documenting her journey of raising Pumpkin along with two rescue dog housemates, Toffee and Oreo, on her Facebook and Instagram pages. "Pumpkin considers the dogs her mums," Young explained. "She respects them when they have had enough rough play and she loves to cuddle next to them when she is tired."


Pumpkin's popularity skyrocketed with over one million followers on the Instagram page, giving her the status of a social media celebrity. Photos of Pumpkin and Oreo taking naps together, playing in the yard and relaxing on the couch on a hot afternoon garner countless likes regularly. "She is so wonderful and highly intelligent and always very entertaining," Young said, describing the raccoon's active presence on social media. "She is a cheeky little thing, but we love her dearly."


Young didn't feel confident that Pumpkin could survive in the wild, so she ensured that the little creature could get the best life ever, in a house full of structures to climb and even a swimming pool where she could chill. It was a four-year stint of happy memories, until Young family lost Pumpkin in 2019, four years after rescuing her. "It is with a heavy and broken heart that I share with you the news that our beloved Pumpkin has passed away," Young wrote in an Instagram post which was published on October 30, 2019.

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"I am so completely ruined that I can barely see what I am typing as there are so many tears pouring down my face. My husband said it perfectly, she is now forever dreaming of avocados, eggs, and sips of my leftover tea. Her passing came as a complete shock to us and we are still trying to come to terms with it. Our house is so much quieter. Pumpkin changed my life. And not from her social media presence. This little raccoon fell into my life when I was going through a tough time. She gave me purpose and gave me confidence," she further wrote.

From munching biscotti biscuits, enjoying avocado and undertaking a late-night snacking mission on pizza, Pumpkin has provided plenty of heartwarming entertainment to social media users and will always be remembered. After the Young family's dog Toffee passed away as well in 2021, they stopped updating their social media, but the pages are still up for people who want to revisit the playful memories of the adorable animals in the Young family.

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A post shared by Pumpkin The Raccoon (@pumpkintheraccoon)


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