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Orchestra pranks their conductor with a beautiful arrangement of 'Happy Birthday'

The orchestra conductor, Sir Roger Norrington gets emotional and is unable to hold back his happiness while listening to them perform.

Orchestra pranks their conductor with a beautiful arrangement of 'Happy Birthday'
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @classicfm

Birthday surprises leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy as it shows them how many people actually care for them and willingly take time out to celebrate the special day. This birthday surprise was extra special and is sure to make you emotional. In a TikTok video posted by @classicfm, an orchestra playing Beethoven's "Eroica" switch to "Happy Birthday" for their conductor, and it's probably the most beautiful rendition of Happy Birthday ever played. The orchestra conductor, Sir Roger Norrington gets emotional quickly and can be seen fighting back tears as he watches his orchestra perform. He keeps looking at each of the musicians and the video ends with the caption, "What could be better on your birthday than a surprise gift of music?"

Image Source: TikTok/@classicfm
Image Source: TikTok/@classicfm


The orchestra that is seen playing is Germany's SWR Symphony Orchestra, and the video has gone viral with 1.9 million views. Many on TikTok were awestruck by the orchestra's performance for the conductor. @jaclymichelle83 pointed out, "I love how he is watching them like it is his first time hearing an orchestra!!! BRAVO!!!" User @benjic01 expressed, "This piece made my morning! Watched it like 6 times. He will never forget this moment, one of the greatest gifts to a conductor." 

Yet another user @aegreen275 wrote, "I can only imagine how magical this moment felt to be in the perfect center of this loving music," and @coletheeupher commented, "I can’t stop watching… The arrangement is incredible, the performance is world-class, and this might just be the most wholesome thing I’ve ever seen." @crackshotcleric echoed every viewer's sentiments: "That must have been the best gift he could have received. The opportunity to actually EXPERIENCE a piece totally anew. A rare thing for any expert."

Image Source: TikTok/@classicfm
Image Source: TikTok/@classicfm


Meanwhile, @axeofglory commented, "the way I would be in absolute tears if this was composed for me. the effort that went into that surprise is immeasurable." @aprilsmith5888 pointed out, "I bet that’s the most thoughtful gift he’s ever gotten in his life! Well done!"

Image Source: TikTok/@classicfm
Image Source: TikTok/@classicfm


In a similar story, the conductor of the All City High School Band can be seen instructing the band to start playing music. But the band suddenly stops following his instruction and starts to play "Happy Birthday" to him. The band conductor was surprised when the whole hall began to wish him well. He couldn't stop smiling as the choir starts singing, and he waits for them to finish. The video has garnered more than 24 million views on TikTok and many commented on this beautiful performance.

One person wrote, "Just imagine, happy birthday played by a full orchestra accompanied by choir, singing for you." Another person added, "Yannick is so deserving. The best and kindest conductor ever."A third person added, "I liked the fact [that] he kept smiling even though he found out something is not right." Another commented, "I loved watching him hearing them NOT follow him! What the heck? Lol. Surprise!!!" Several others noted that this is a moment he will always remember during his life: "So sweet he’s definitely going to remember this night for sure," noted one TikTok user.

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