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Simone Biles Becomes First Woman To Land Gymnastics "Triple-Double," Scores 6th National Win

Biles' incredible move has helped her make history. Now, she's preparing to kill it at the world championships in Germany.

Simone Biles Becomes First Woman To Land Gymnastics "Triple-Double," Scores 6th National Win

Many possibly remember gymnastics golden girl Simone Biles from her viral Michael Jackson routine. While her claim to fame may have been a trending Twitter video, Biles has just proven that she's more than an internet fad. At the competitive United States Gymnastics Championships on Sunday, August 11, she won her sixth national title by landing an extraordinary "triple-double." The Olympian is now the only woman in the history of the sport to do so. Biles swept the win clean and easy, finishing almost a full five points ahead of the gymnast in second place, ESPN reports.


The triple-double is a complex move that consists of two flips and three twists. Biles performed the same step during the preliminaries on Friday, August 9, but was frustrated when she put her hands down on the landing at the time. On Sunday, however, the gymnast landed the step perfectly, finishing smooth and effortless. To celebrate the momentous move, she took to social media platform Twitter to share a video of her routine.


"I didn't want to be the last person to see it," Biles explained. "So I went online to see what it looked like so that me and [coach Laurent Landi] could watch it. But I was very pleased that I actually landed it this time in the competition." Overall, she finished with a grand total of 118.500 points. Meanwhile, the second-place winner, Sunisa Lee, was almost five whole points behind her at 113.550 points. The win is simply another addition to Biles' long list of accolades - the star gymnast has won 20 consecutive all-around titles in the past six years, including one at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.


Not only she did gain her sixth national title, but she was also the frontrunner in specific components of the championship. Biles won the titles in the vault (30.850), balance beam (29.650) and, of course, floor exercise (29.450). In addition to this, she placed third (28.800) at the uneven bars portion of the competition, which she alleges is her least favorite part of any tournament. If the girl can ace even the parts she dislikes, you know she's good.


Competitor Lee was full of praise for the victor. As the only other woman to win a gold medal from these championships (at 16 years old, no less!), she admitted that she watches all of Biles' routines with a sense of awe. "She's so good, and I don't understand it," Lee said. "She's like, yeah, crazy good. She does stuff I never thought people could do." Biles' friendly competitive spirit and all-round positive energy have proven a boon in her journey as a gymnast.


So much so, in fact, that the Olympian believes her optimism is what gets her through all her routines. Biles affirmed, "I feel like you carry that momentum through the entire meet. The other day, I was doing angry gymnastics, and I was just really upset. Then today, it was just like back to normal and happy... I was a lot happier today because I feel like I haven't been as confident on bars this year as I was last year. To finally do a good routine like I can do it, I was very happy. And it was the last event, so I was like, 'Thank God we're done.'" The gymnast is only done for now. In October, she will be heading to Stuttgart, Germany to defend the first place title at the world championships. Here's to another historic Biles win!


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