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Old Spice responds to woman's viral tweet about wanting to buy deodorant in best way possible

Social media user Radtoria wished out loud for the men's personal hygiene brand Old Spice to cater to women. The brand obliged.

Old Spice responds to woman's viral tweet about wanting to buy deodorant in best way possible
Cover Image Source: Twitter/radtoria

Editor's note: This article was originally published on April 22, 2021. It has since been updated.

Twitter user Radtoria, otherwise known as Ghost Mom, took to the social media platform in 2019 to announce her deep desire to purchase an Old Spice deodorant. Complaining about the lack of options women have to choose from when it comes to personal hygiene products, she stated that she simply wanted to smell like "eagle fangs." When her post became popular, the men's hygiene product brand decided to send her a little care package with a unique surprise. In a follow-up tweet, the Twitter user thanked Old Spice for helping her get her "groove back." The exchange has made just under 30,000 folks laugh during these gloomy times.


"I wish Old Spice catered to women," Radtoria posted on Twitter. "[I am] tired of smelling like baby powder and gentle breezes. I wanna walk into a room and have everyone look up and be like, 'Oh sh*t, this b*tch smells like f*ckin' Eagle Fangs and she is not to be trifled with.' Can’t command respect smelling like a diaper." In response, several other users reminded her that she could simply pick up an Old Spice product from her local store if she wished to do so.


To this, she had an equally hilarious reply. She wrote, "I’ve been getting a lot of people commenting. 'Just buy it!' But the sad truth is, it is illegal for a female to purchase men’s hygiene products in the state of Washington. I appreciate everyone for trying to help though! It never occurred to me that a woman could do such a thing!" Of course, the sarcasm was not lost on the thousands of Twitter users who had found her initial tweet just as hilarious. She noted that those who were replying to her tweet with serious advice were "the same people who would take this joke seriously too."

While Ghost Mom thought the ruse would end there, she was in for a surprise when she checked her direct messages folder on Twitter. Sitting in her inbox was a message from Old Spice themselves. They asked her if they could send a package her way. Through a poll, she asked her users if they thought the special package would be a cease and desist letter or "Eagle Fang deodorant" (the majority of those who responded voted for the latter). The Twitter user responded to Old Spice with her address, adding that Wolfthorn, one of the brand's signature scents, "is the bomb." "Thanks for the feedback!" The brand responded. "You'll be happy to hear we've halted all productions on Baby Powder Gentle Breeze Diaper Smell for women, effective immediately." Evidently, the company had jokes, too.

Ultimately, Radtoria received her package, which included a special note and an Old Spice t-shirt. However, the pièce de résistance was the deodorant the brand had sent her: a special Eagle Fangs scent. The branding on the deodorant stick even featured two eagles with fangs around the Old Spice logo. The Twitter user affirmed, "This is arguably one of the best things that have ever happened to me on Twitter." She thanked the company for the lovely surprise, and added, "Can’t wait to make everyone smell my armpits and bask in the fiery heat of my newfound confidence."


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