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Old man stops traffic to show strangers Saturn through a telescope and becomes an Internet favorite

In a heartwarming incident from New York, this old man stopped traffic when he brought along his telescope to show people something special.

Old man stops traffic to show strangers Saturn through a telescope and becomes an Internet favorite
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @daphnejulietellis

Some strangers truly make our day and this old man is one of the gems who has now become an Internet favorite. What did he do? He stopped traffic when he brought along his telescope to show strangers something special. People were curious and they stood in lines and waited for their turn to see what the old man was sharing with everyone. The clip was uploaded on TikTok by one of the spectators, musician Daphne Juliet (@daphnejulietellis), and it went viral. The text overlay of the video reveals what was really happening on the streets of New York that night: "Last night in Brooklyn, a man stopped traffic to show everyone Saturn through his telescope." The caption read, "The cars just had to deal with it."

Image Source: TikTok | @daphnejulietellis
Image Source: TikTok | @daphnejulietellis


In the video, we see people standing in a queue as they wait for their turn. A woman is the first in line and she gets to look at Saturn as the old man stands next to her. This is such a fascinating video as the man wanted to share his joy with strangers. People also took some time from their busy schedules and looked at what the old man was trying to make them experience. People on the internet loved the video so much that they showered it with 895.2K likes and numerous comments. @milk.sal commented, "I don’t know what Saturn looks like but I knew what he was going to look like and god bless." @TristonJarret wrote, "I can see him going home, 'Honey they were wrapped around the block!'" @Katcarr21 shared, "This so so damn precious! I would love to see Saturn!" @ezra816 expressed, "I used to live on this block and have looked through his telescope several times! Never seen a line that long though."

Image Source: Pexels | Photo by ZCH
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Photo by ZCH


In another heartwarming story about an old man, the elderly takes a tortoise man for a walk. Bon-Chan is a 26-year-old turtle that has been well roaming around the streets of Tsukishima, Tokyo, per My Modern Met. His master, Hisao Mitani, takes great pride in him and is quite popular with his big guy in the country and around the world. Mitani met this beauty when he was just the size of his palm. Nurturing and caring for the animal, he realized that he was going through a growth spurt at the age of 10. Weighing around 155 pounds, Bon-Chan is accompanied by Mitani for a stroll every day through regular paths. Mitani also mentioned that his reptile knows the routes well. He was quoted as saying by the publication, “We walk the neighborhood and are pretty famous around here. African tortoises can live up to 150 years old, so Bon-chan is still in the prime of his life with energy to spare.”

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When asked about the bond they share, Mitani gave a pleasant and humorous reply, “I never had any children, but 19 years ago my wife caught the eyes of this little tortoise and felt an instant bond with him. I couldn't leave the store without it. But we had no idea he would become this big. He knows all my dirty secrets – if he could talk I would be in trouble," reported the publication. 

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