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Elderly man dances with wife in wheelchair in crowded market like no one's watching: 'True love'

Who says only young couples get to slow dance to Ed Sheeran?

Elderly man dances with wife in wheelchair in crowded market like no one's watching: 'True love'
Cover Image Source: Reddit/The_Exotic_Foodie

Few things are as endearing as older couples still in love. Witnessing love endure for such a long time and flourish is not only warming for our gentle hearts but also very inspiring. It's also great motivation to work even harder on our own relationships. Sweet older couples serve as a gentle reminder that anything is achievable with enough effort, including amazing love stories spanning generations.

While couples may have many lasting secrets to how their marriages and relationships last, for this particular couple on Reddit, the secret is straightforward: Couples who dance together, stay together. On Reddit's popular subreddit r/MadeMeSmile, user u/The_Exotic_Foodie posted a beautiful video of two seniors in love. A senior was seen in the video pushing his wife on a wheelchair around, dancing adorably with each other to the tune of "Thinking Out Loud." Who says only young couples get to slow dance to Ed Sheeran?


The 47-second video shows the couple dancing in the middle of a craft market, surrounded by people who are heartened to see the beautiful display of affection between the two seniors. The man holds his wife's hands and takes her to the center of the market and just dances with her. At one point, he bends down and kisses his wife and everyone just stares at the two in awe, appreciating and applauding for the two seniors. Many young ones in the audience are seen taking photos of the elderly couple. The wife is seen laughing, blushing away at the lovely gesture by her husband.

Reddit user u/ayeayehelpme commented saying, "I’m not crying yall." Another Reddit user, u/jmmenes commented, saying, "Ufff 🥹😭 True love 💯"


A couple of months back, another couple brought everyone to tears with their heartwarming dance with one another. When Elaine and Morty Graff got married in 1957, they were never able to have their first dance. But recently, almost 65 years later, their grandson, Zachary Graff, offered to let them use the dance floor at his own wedding so they could enjoy the first dance they'd always wanted. Graff stood with his bride, Samantha, and called for his grandparents to take the spotlight. “Grammy and grandpa, come to the dance floor,” announced Graff. “You're gonna have your first dance with the song that you wanted.” 

The magnificent gesture from their grandson and his bride stunned and moved the elderly couple. The elderly couple's beautiful dancing was met with cheers from everyone in the room. Elaine expressed her awe at her grandson, saying, “On their special day to give us that honor, it was just — oh my God.”

Although these couples have many years they've spent together, it's equally magical when seniors happen to find each other, which was the case for Roz Lewy and Ralph Insinger who met at an art museum four years ago. They were 77 and 83 at the time. Four years later, the couple has been exchanging love letters via email with each other and what do you know? They're being published as a book now. They fell in love after exchanging hundreds of emails that show how they bonded over each other's intellect and sense of humor. More than 200 of the poignant and frequently humorous emails were turned into the book, titled "Beyond Beyond: A Chance Encounter, an Online Courtship, and the Language of Love." Insinger says that it was Lewy's catchphrase that served as the inspiration for the first portion of the title. "When she is happy or excited about something, she'll say, 'It's beyond beyond,'" he said, noting that she'd frequently use it in their correspondence.

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