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Nurses display courageous act of shielding newborns during Taiwan earthquake in remarkable footage

A group of nurses worked quickly and smartly to prevent the loss of life in their maternity ward during the earthquake in Taiwan.

Nurses display courageous act of shielding newborns during Taiwan earthquake in remarkable footage
Cover Image Source: YouTube | Guardian News

Thursday, the 4th of Apil, witnessed the country of Taiwan being subject to one of the most powerful earthquakes in a long time of 25 years, according to NBC News. Around ten people have been confirmed dead, with over 1,099 injured, 705 trapped and 15 missing. The devastating quake had a magnitude of 7.4 and happened when people were going to their offices in the morning. Most of the island nation felt the effects of the quake, which shook some of the buildings in the capital, Taipei, as well. While many lives were lost, heroic nurses at Ma Cherie Maternity Centre acted quickly to prevent further loss of life by working together to keep the newborns in the ward safe.


The footage was shared on YouTube by Guardian News, and it showcases how the nurses were able to save the lives of babies when the quake occurred. The three nurses in the room rush to secure the babies together as the room begins to shake. They start to smartly clump them together to prevent them from jostling around and possibly injuring the newborns. A fourth nurse rushes in from the other room to secure a portion that the others couldn't. They calmly hold onto the children and wait for the earthquake to subside. Chen Ying-chin spoke about how the team was very scared when it happened but that it was the instinct of the staff that prompted them to act fast.


She shared how the safety of the babies was of the "utmost importance" to them. @NicoGagelmann shared the footage on X where the nurses were praised by people for their prompt decision. @DrAmberStebbing expressed, "Yes, these nurses are incredible. I would be grateful to them for life if they had protected a child of mine like this. Total heroes!" @valb00 said, "Nurses are heroes all over the world. Especially Taiwan yesterday."



Taiwan has been subject to many earthquakes over the years and, as a result, has built infrastructure to withstand them. There is a rigorous implementation of building codes across the country to ensure that all structures do not collapse even when earthquakes of greater magnitudes occur. So, even though there are frequent earthquakes in the country, the loss of life is comparatively less than when earthquakes of similar magnitude have happened in India, Haiti and China.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Jack Sparrow
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Jack Sparrow

Thanks to advancements in technology, more countries that are prone to earthquakes will be able to know when they will happen. A recent Japanese technological development works to warn residents and earthquakes that are about to happen. @levandov_2 posted a video on X where she revealed how she got a notification about an earthquake that shook the country on the New Year and was able to take protective measures. The Japan Meteorological Agency shared that they created the system to allow citizens to be more prepared for earthquakes.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Ahmed Akacha
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Ahmed Akacha

As a result of this advancement, residents of the country were largely safe from the earthquake that happened on New Year's Day. Although it resulted in some damage, most residents were ready for the consequences and took appropriate measures. The agency issues advance notifications about the earthquake, alerting people promptly as soon as the seismic activity commences, granting them precious seconds to brace themselves for the tremors.

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