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Nurse reveals three things she will never do in her own life after working in the emergency room

After witnessing some horrifying accidents in the ER, there are several things that she never engages in for the sake of her well-being.

Nurse reveals three things she will never do in her own life after working in the emergency room
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @travelingnurse

Emergency room healthcare professionals regularly witness the most harrowing accidents and severe injuries. Consequently, they frequently engage in discussions regarding preventative measures to mitigate the occurrence of such devastating incidents. Lex, who goes by @travellingnurse on TikTok, recently shared the three things she’ll never do in her own life after working in the emergency room. She emphasizes the importance of prevention over cure and listed the things that she will never engage in to keep herself safe.

Image Source: TikTok | @travellingnurse
Image Source: TikTok | @travelingnurse

“No. 1, we’re going to start off strong,” she says in the viral video and then reveals motorcycles as the first thing she now avoids. A concerning statistic from 2020 reveals that out of the total 5,579 fatalities in traffic accidents involving bikers, 2,143 occurred due to drivers not wearing helmets. Additionally, motorcycles, comprising only 3% of vehicles on the road, were involved in 14% of all motor vehicle accidents in the United States, highlighting a significant issue, reports Forbes.

Image Source: TikTok | @travellingnurse
Image Source: TikTok | @travelingnurse

The second thing on Lex's list is surprising to many and it is propane tanks. “Propane tanks,” she states. “I have had three—three patients—who have had propane tanks explode on them, and it has left them with debilitating burns.” According to statistics, these accidents are a rare occurrence and as per estimates, roughly 600 propane tank explosions occur each year.  Lex thinks in reality, the number might be higher as she has treated 3 patients within the last three months.

“So yeah, everyone else, everyone else can handle the propane. I will simply not be participating,” Lex states in her video. “Simply put, I like having fingers.”

Image Source: TikTok |
Image Source: TikTok | @travelingnurse

The nurse finally reveals the third and most controversial thing she avoids: visiting a chiropractor. As per research, these injuries are rare but severe and a study in 2010 also revealed 26 cases of deaths caused by a tear in a vertebral artery following a neck adjustment.

Her video has amassed 1.2 million likes and many were grateful for such insights. @stacie_fitmedic commented, "As a paramedic. I agree completely with this list." @KimMiles wrote, "As a nurse, I also have seen strokes from shearing force on vertebral arteries from a chiropractic neck adjustment." @Alli even shared a scary experience she had, writing: "I have held brain matter in my hand. Number one is legit."

Image Source: TikTok
Image Source: TikTok | @travelingnurse

After Lex's video gave such important insights, people asked for more such videos, and their wish was granted. She shared a second list of things she would never do as a nurse. She said that she would never hold a cracker with her hand as that might risk burning it. She said, "Do you know how difficult it is to pick your nose with no fingers? Do you know how hard it is to remove an eyelash without your finger?"

Another thing that Lex would never do is skydiving. She discussed how she has never treated a patient who suffered an injury from skydiving but her friends have and therefore she would advise against it. This video also received 19k likes and hundreds of comments. @Ashxxo wrote, "A friend of my fiancee just lost all four fingers on his hand from holding fireworks." @AlyssaElisson commented, "Nursing student here I need a part 3! This is the stuff they don't teach you in school." These videos do give us a lot of insight into how to remain safe and avoid dangerous accidents to the best of our capacity!


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