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Nurse delivered a baby girl 22 years ago and now she is her daughter-in-law: 'Grateful to know'

The odds of being a delivery nurse and helping a mother in labor bring a baby girl into the world only for her to end up as your future daughter-in-law, is not that low.

Nurse delivered a baby girl 22 years ago and now she is her daughter-in-law: 'Grateful to know'
Cover Image Source: (L) Facebook | Kelsey Poll ; (R) Facebook | Tyler West

It was just another day in the life of a couple from Layton, Utah when they were going through family albums at their home and they noticed something surprising. Kelsey Poll and her fiance, Tyler West were flipping through Poll's baby pictures when West pointed out a particular snap and exclaimed, "Hey, I think that’s my mom. It looks like she was your nurse!" According to The Washington Post, the said picture dates back to June 2001 and a nurse can be seen prepping Poll's feet to extract footprints required for her birth certificate.


The man realized that his betrothed was delivered by his mother at Lakeview Hospital, 22 years back. Astonished at this discovery, West confessed that "they were both pretty shocked." Poll and West quickly went through the photo album and retrieved her birth certificate which read that she was born at the Lakeview Hospital located in Bountiful, Utah on June 15, 2001. 23-year-old West could also recognize the handwriting on the documents. "I told Kelsey, 'That’s definitely my mom’s handwriting,'" he said about his mother Mary Ann West who was a delivery nurse at the time of Poll's birth.


The couple went on to dig through the basement of Poll's house where they found video footage recorded by Poll's dad at the hospital on the day of his daughter's birth. West immediately recognized his mother standing next to Poll's mother who was lying on the hospital bed while holding her newborn baby girl. "I thought it was really cool — it made me feel grateful to know I had this tie to my new family," Poll explained. "I always wanted to have a good relationship with my future parents, and it also confirmed that I want to be with Tyler for the rest of my life."


Over 400 newborns are delivered every year at the Lakeview Hospital, according to the hospital's spokesperson, Brittany Glas. When Poll was born, the West family lived at least 10 miles away in a different county near Salt Lake City, per the outlet. Poll and West grew up and attended different high schools and did not meet each other until August 2021 at a credit union in Davis County of Utah where Poll worked as a teller.


"When I left, I thought, 'I have to go back and get her number,'" West recalled. The pair dated for about a year and a half and then West decided to pop the question and propose to the love of his life on February 12, 2023. West's mother, Mary Ann has been employed at the Lakeview Hospital as a labor and delivery nurse for the past 23 years. She disclosed that "she remembers the day Stacy Poll was in labor at the hospital, expecting her third child." She said, "I remember her because she was so nervous about having a third baby and how her other two young kids were going to handle it."

"I'd had Tyler the year before, and he was my third child," she added. "I told Stacy about that, and how my kids had reacted to their new little brother. 'You've got this, girl,' I told her. 'You can do this.' We bonded over that, and it helped her to become more relaxed." The current mother-in-law of Poll also revealed that she remembers Poll's mother for a reason. Stacy has a condition in which the umbilical cord from a fetus doesn’t properly connect to the placenta but despite the complications, her daughter was born healthy. The lucky couple got hitched on May 25, 2023. The newlyweds have discovered something exceptional and will be telling this incredible story of fate doing its job right for years to come.

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