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Non-Americans share their genuine reactions to what’s going on in the US right now

While the United States seems to be crashing and burning, others are poking the fire to see what's up.

Non-Americans share their genuine reactions to what’s going on in the US right now
Image Source: (Top) Martin Ruegner / Getty Images (Bottom) lawrencewillows / Reddit

What many Americans may not know is that the world, in fact, does not revolve around the United States. Other countries have their own political systems and news cycles too. While some nations (ahem, looking at you, United Kingdom) are dealing with crises of their own, others are looking at the dumpster fire that is America and wondering what the heck is going on. To really get inside the brains of these individuals, Reddit user IceCreamTacosPizza took to the website to ask non-Americans what they thought of the "greatest nation in the world." Here are some of the best responses.


1. Big Brother is watching

"The US always appeared like an older, stronger brother. Now it feels like this brother started using meth." - vonauer


2. Free Britney!

"It's like watching Britney Spears go through that 'shaved-head phase.'" - eishanegi


3. Fitting

"In the immortal words of Michael Bluth: 'Well, I don't know what I expected.'" - Terramagi


4. The grass might be greener right over here

"Being in the UK right now kind of feels like being a little boat that has broken down and everyone’s too busy being mad at the captain to fix anything. But then you look to the left and there’s a big cruise ship burning as it sinks with people fighting on every deck, and the captain’s throwing gasoline on everything, and you feel a little bit better about the sh*tty boat you’re in." - SocksPls


5. We Build The Wall

"I think Mexico is probably now in favour of that wall." - lawrencelewillows


6. And, cut!

"Honestly it's borderline beyond comprehension. It constantly feels a little more like a poorly written soap opera than real life." - skii9967 


7. Mudslinging, and not the sexy kind

"You're so busy flinging sh*t at each other you can't see the mess you've made." - DavosLostFingers 


8. So... That America, huh?

"'America amirite' replaced talking about the weather. Everyone is dumbfounded by what's going on. On the other hand it's sad that we know more about US politics than local politics. People protest for BLM in Berlin, and nobody talks about other things going on elsewhere." - n1c0_ds


9. Some people call that fascism

"I knew there were lots of idiots, but the sheer quantity is mind blowing. And how so many Americans just can't handle a view that's different to their own or at least allow others to have a different view, is crazy." - jajamochi


10. Everything is normal, this is fine :)

"I'm getting used to it. I take a quick look into the newspaper, read something like US-police kills suspect in custody, turn the page and get upset because the construction site on the Autobahn takes longer than planned." - realultralord


11. The personal is political, I guess?

"I can't believe how Americans can politicise EVERYTHING?! Wearing masks, postal service and before these newer topics universal healthcare, free (or at least vastly cheaper) uni, higher taxation etc. are a reality in most developed countries, but in America it seems like you can just scream socialism and people are against everything. From my German point of view the two party system and electoral votes is seriously fucked up and even the moderate democrats are pretty right-wing. Also, the recent handling of protesters and even the media, combined with Trump seemingly preparing the notion that the election will be rigged and he might not accept it, really feels like a third world country going back to a fascist regime. Although I don't think that this will really happen, its just scary that it feels like a possibility." - raddmusic 

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