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News channel 'tricks' anchor into reading her own proposal on air in a heartwarming moment

Her fiancé planned the entire proposal with the news channel and surprised her in the best way possible.

News channel 'tricks' anchor into reading her own proposal on air in a heartwarming moment
Cover Image Source: YouTube| CNN

Many couples are embracing the charm of natural and everyday settings to make their proposals memorable and meaningful. A reporter, Jillian Pavlica, was “tricked” into her proposal in the most wholesome way on air, per CNN. Anchoring live, she experienced a personal milestone that deeply resonated. She was reading the news off the teleprompter along with two other reporters.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Cottonbro Studio

As they began to deliver the news professionally, Pavlica read, “A Huntsville anchor is being proposed on live TV right now.” As soon as she said the word “propose,” something hit her, but she continued to deliver the news. The other two reporters immediately moved away from the frame to allow her to have her moment. Tears streamed down Pavlica's face as her partner stepped into frame, taking her hands in his. “I can’t picture a day in my life waking up without you by my side,” he exclaimed. Sharing a few more moments of tenderness, the man finally got down to his knee and popped the question.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Caleb Oquendo
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Caleb Oquendo

Overwhelmed with surprise and joy, Pavlica accepted with a "Yes," followed by a kiss and a warm embrace. Journalist Jeanne Moos shared more about the behind-the-scenes of the event. She mentioned that the teleprompter was the hero behind the success of the dedicatedly planned proposal. The proposal was seamlessly integrated into the teleprompter script, leaving Pavlica to read it naturally, without realizing its true intent. Her fiance, Vince Ramos, remarked, “The prime idea was for her to get through at least 50% without even realizing it.” 

The anchor shared how the producer cleverly distracted her to keep the surprise intact, ensuring she suspected nothing. “She was like, ‘Jillian, we have breaking news,’” Pavlica recalled. While a few people weren’t on board with the idea of proposing live on air when serious news is to be read, others found the event quite charming and uplifting. @lilblitz8239 wrote, “It's nice to see good things on TV, rather than all sad news.” @louweeze21 said, “This is nice. I truly enjoyed watching this and wish the future husband and wife all the very best in life.” @dzott75 remarked, “Boss move, right there!! Good Job.” 

@284 said, “As soon as she read it, her co-hosts moved aside. ‘See ya, my cue to move.’” @professional7603 said, “Proposal is such an intimate thing in someone's life. But why the h*** does it have to be in front of zillions of people? Pointless.” @fight2BFree remarked, “Inappropriate.... should an air traffic controller stop in the middle of work to propose? Should a surgeon propose in the middle of his work? Should a judge interrupt the court to propose?” Many people applauded the genius tactic the fiance planned. @xxthunderbird64xx wrote, “That's one creative dude..good for them.”


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