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A newly-built chunk of Trump's border wall fell because of a little wind. Wow, *slow claps*.

Humpty Trumpty built a border wall. A weak wind blew and it took a great fall. All of our tax money and all of his henchmen, couldn't inflate his ego back up again.

A newly-built chunk of Trump's border wall fell because of a little wind. Wow, *slow claps*.
Image Source: President Trump Signs USMCA At White House. WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 29. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

United States President Donald Trump has had a lot to say about his "huge" border wall, built of all the "best" materials. After all, he expects the wall to keep out thousands of illegal immigrants capable of great violence, so it only makes sense that he would make sure the wall is indestructible. Well, it appears that that's not really the case. On Wednesday morning, gusts of wind hit the infamous US-Mexico border wall - and it toppled over. Onto the Mexican side, no less. Right now, Trump is probably figuring out a way to associate the strong winds to all the anti-national wind turbines that cause cancer in the United States. Thankfully, Mexican authorities were able to respond to the situation quickly, The Guardian reports.


The wall's steel panels, which measure 30 feet (about nine meters) high started to lean at a steep angle on the border between the Californian town of Calexico and Mexicali in Mexico due to sharp gusts of wind in the area. At the time, that particular part of the border wall was under construction. Concrete anchors were just being put in place. However, before the concrete had enough time to cure, the panels blew over onto the Mexican side of the border. According to United States border patrol agents, Mexican authorities were able to ensure no one was hurt. Carlos Pitones, one of the border patrol agents on duty, stated, "Luckily, Mexican authorities responded quickly and were able to divert traffic from the nearby street."




Now, the panels are being re-erected by the construction team. The panels are being retrieved from the Mexican side of the border in order to do so, which is most likely a different kind of administrative hell. Pitones explained, "Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will work with the construction contractor to mitigate the impact of high winds as construction continues." As per reports from The National Weather Service, winds in the area were as strong as 37 miles per hour on the morning the incident occurred. Thankfully, there were no damages, Pitones revealed. He stated, "We are grateful there was no property damage or injuries."



This portion of the wall is part of a larger construction project initiated by the Trump administration. The project intends to "enhance" the more than 1,954 miles (that is an estimated 3,000 kilometers) long border barrier with Mexico. It was only earlier this month that his administration announced the border wall had reached the 100-mile mark in the construction effort. The majority of this project included replacing existing barriers with newer, enhanced designs. Only about half a mile of new construction was completed in the Rio Grande Valley, where no border wall existed previously.




However, Trump's border wall hobby project is falling short of his initial campaign promises. Of course, the government of Mexico is not paying for the wall, but the project has failed to meet several internal deadlines as well. The President initially promised to have 450 miles of border wall completed by the end of 2019. Evidently, he was not able to accomplish this goal, mostly due to legal and logistical challenges. While he continues to funnel taxpayer money into this failed project, there's a bunch of other problems that continue to remain unaddressed in America. Like, you know, education, housing, healthcare, and cancer-causing wind turbines.


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