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Newborn baby stops crying after hearing Dad's voice: 'Daddy is here, love'

'Do you remember daddy? Daddy talking to you every day after coming home from work?'

Newborn baby stops crying after hearing Dad's voice: 'Daddy is here, love'
Cover Image Source: Good News Correspondent/Twitter

Editor's note: This article was originally published on November 4, 2022. It has since been updated.

The connection between a child and their parent is formed even before the child is born. This profound connection is deep and lasts as long as our parents live. A video on Twitter accurately explains this bond in which a newborn child is crying loudly and the father is trying to comfort him. The video was posted on Twitter by Good News Correspondent with the caption, "Newborn baby stops crying hearing dad’s voice." 

The video shows a baby who has just come into this world crying uncontrollably. However, as soon as his father starts speaking to him, he stops crying and listens. The father says, "Daddy is here, love. Look…daddy is here. Do you remember daddy? Daddy talking to you every day after coming home from work?" He further adds, "Remember? Don’t cry with daddy, OK? Daddy is here with you, by your side, OK?" The child immediately calms down as if he recognized his father's voice instantly. This touching video moved many people to tears with one Twitter user commenting, "Trying so hard to open his eyes to look at his daddy but it’s so bright out here!!" Another shared, "this is exactly what happened to me when our 2nd was born - I'll never forget it!!"



Another user joked about the thoughts that might be running through the newborn's head, "Dad? Is that you? Man, it's good to hear you! You would NOT believe the day I'm having!!" "Thank you Good News. The very meaning of life in this tweet. God Bless all of our precious little ones," yet another Twitter user shared.

In another beautiful incident, a child was having a lot of uneasiness on a flight and was crying endlessly. Usually, in such scenarios, co-passengers are extremely rude and annoyed with the parents but what happened to this child is different. Instead of complaining all the passengers around the child started singing the iconic nursery rhyme "Baby Shark." The baby immediately cheered up and stopped crying. 

The TikTok video begins midway through the song and shows a crying youngster being held by a man who looks to be carrying the child up and down the plane while the passengers sing "Baby Shark." The camera pans to see a group of people clapping and singing along to the music. The plane seemed to be half-full, but everyone on board was enthusiastic and attempted to cheer up the youngster with the song. 

The incident is said to have occurred during a six-hour journey between Dubai and Albania. The TikTok user who captured the video stated that they were sat next to the family with the child who had been "crying nonstop" during the journey.

Passengers agreed to assist the family in calming the child. The video shows that people should not condemn or blame the parents of crying children as they are also having a difficult time traveling with a child. A little compassion and patience for children can come a long way in making the world a better place. 

You can watch the video here:


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