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New Zealand police respond to 4-year-old's adorable emergency call for officers to see his toys

An officer later visited the boy's house and confirmed that the youngster had 'cool toys.'

New Zealand police respond to 4-year-old's adorable emergency call for officers to see his toys
Cover Image Source: Facebook/New Zealand Police

Police in New Zealand leaped into action last month after a 4-year-old made an emergency call asking for officers to come over and check out his cool toys. The force shared audio of the call on social media, explaining that while they don't encourage children to call the emergency number unless it's an actual emergency, the incident was "too cute not to share." The nearly one-minute-long phone call begins in the usual fashion, with the dispatcher asking what the nature of the emergency was. After a short pause on the other end, the unidentified boy hesitantly says: "Hi... Police lady?... Umm... Can I tell you something?"

"You can tell me something," the dispatcher says, switching to a friendlier, singsong tone. "I've got some toys for you," the boy tells the operator. "You've got some toys for me?" she asks, to which he excitedly replies: "Come over and see them!" A small scuffle is then heard on the call and an adult then gets on the phone, assuring the operator that there is no emergency and that the 4-year-old had been helping out while his mother was sick. After the call, a police dispatch was sent out asking for any officers near the address.

"There is a four-year-old there who is wanting to show police their toys, over," the dispatcher states. An officer leaps to respond, replying: "Yeah, I'm one up, I'll attend to." Police said the officer, who they identified only as Constable Kurt, visited the young boy's house in the South Island city of Invercargill and was shown an array of toys, all of which were — Constable Kurt confirmed — "cool toys." They also revealed that the officer was also able to have a "good, educational chat" with the child and his parents about the proper use of calling 111, New Zealand's emergency number.


"The lucky kid also got to see the patrol car and the officer put the lights on for him, too," the police added. The video, which has been liked over 62k times since being posted last month, racked up thousands of comments from netizens who found the whole interaction incredibly adorable. "OMG, I'm tearing up again (sniff sniff), that's so precious," commented Facebook user Julie Hart. "This is the side of the Police that should be shown more. Well done, thank you all for your service," wrote Steph Fortune. "So proud of our Police. Such a great awesome story. Truly made my day. The kid got to show the Police his cool toys. Amazing. Thanks, NZ Police," commented Dolly Pan.

Another user named Deborah Mansor shared a similar story about the time a child had called the emergency number for the most hilarious reason. "A man I worked with once, an ex-policeman, said his under 5-year-old son called 111 and asked to speak to his dad because he wanted dad to bring home fish and chips," they wrote. "New Zealand Police showing kids not to be afraid of them! Love it! Wish my work involved kids wanting to show me some toys," commented Marama Harrison.


This wasn't the first time in recent weeks that the New Zealand police have gone above and beyond for their young fans. Just this month, they shared two posts about surprising a four and two-year-old for their birthdays.


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