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New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern announces orgies can resume: "Upto 25 actually"

Ardern was explaining the new pandemic restrictions on a television channel when she quipped that orgies were back on.

New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern announces orgies can resume: "Upto 25 actually"
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND - NOVEMBER 22: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks at the Beehive, Parliament, on November 22, 2021 in Wellington, New Zealand. (Photo by Mark Mitchell - Pool/Getty Images)

It's not every day you get to see a world leader announce that orgies are back on but then again, New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, is not your average leader. New Zealand has one of the stellar records in handling the pandemic, and Ardern's decision-making and policies have been at the forefront of it. Now, Ardern has lifted strict lockdowns and adopted a strategy of living with coronavirus and treating it as an endemic. As a result, restrictions have been eased throughout the country. During an appearance on Television, she announced that orgies were back on, eliciting cheers from a select group of people. A humor sense is something hard to come by in a world leader, but Ardern couldn't help herself as she spoke to a reporter about relaxing coronavirus restrictions.



"I can confirm that 'Tinder liaisons' have reopened," she said, before chuckling herself. The reporter couldn't help himself either, chiming in, "Great news... ...(not for me but) for my friend." Committed to the joke, Ardern continued, "It's not strictly embedded in the traffic light system, but it's a given, up to 25, actually, in a red area." People just couldn't get enough of the video on Twitter. "Yeah, but did your PM go on national television to officially announce that *checks notes* orgies can resume?" wrote one user. "FINALLY," wrote another, and there's absolutely no way of ascertaining if they were joking or not, but happy for them either way. One user wrote, "Only up to 25. Don’t get ahead of yourself and start planning those infamous 26-person orgies again." For a country that has played by the rules, and successfully contained the pandemic, it's fair to say there won't be any 26-person orgies. Got to keep your neighbors safe, whether they fall within the 25-member count or not. 

Unlike many countries, New Zealand opted for strict lockdowns to eliminate the virus early on in the pandemic and was evidently successful. The Delta variant has been harder to contain, leading to the country adopting a new tactic and living with the virus. “I know that there will be some who may have some anxiety about these changes, but I can assure you we will continue to operate in the cautious and careful way that has served us so well … we are fast approaching the next phase in our Covid response that delivers more freedoms,” said Ardern last month, reported The Guardian.

"Get outside and spread your legs"
It's not the first time a Kiwi leader has encouraged sex while explaining coronavirus restrictions, but this one coronavirus response from Minister Chris Hipkins was unintentional. "It is a challenge for people in high-density areas to get outside and spread their legs when they are surrounded by other people," he said at a press conference as everyone in the room burst into laughter. The director-general of health Ashley Bloomfield could be seen smirking and raising his eyebrows after Hipkins' slip-up.





Try 'glory holes'
Americans have been criticized for not listening to science and the CDC with respect safer sex to prevent contracting Covid. The CDC website in a section titled "Covid-19 and sex," encouraged using "glory holes". "Choose sexual positions that limit face-to-face contact, use barriers, like walls (e.g., glory holes), that allow for sexual contact but prevent close face-to-face contact," read the instruction. 



Anyway, if you're in a country where coronavirus restrictions are preventing you from having an orgy, then you know where to head. Swipe right on New Zealand and get "liaisoning".

Disclaimer: Information about the pandemic is swiftly changing, and Upworthy is committed to providing the most recent and verified updates in our articles and reportage. However, considering the frequency in developments, some of the information/data in this article may have changed since the time of publication. Therefore, we encourage you to also regularly check online resources from local public health departments, the Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization before organizing an orgy.

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