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New mom captures husband feeding baby using a breastfeeding device and it's all kinds of wholesome

In the short clip, we get to see the dad cradle the little one in his arms as the baby drinks from the male breastfeeding container.

New mom captures husband feeding baby using a breastfeeding device and it's all kinds of wholesome
Cover Image Source: TikTok/Photos by @dr.zionko

For new parents, every moment spent with their baby is precious. Such shared experiences create an unbreakable connection, nurturing not only the child's development but also allowing for a profound bond between partners. By equally dividing duties to take care of the child the family attains a better dynamic, especially allowing men to contribute in the first few days of parenthood. Earlier, women user to bear the entire brunt of parenthood in the initial period, but that is now changing in many ways, with even corporate companies allowing paternity leave to dads.

Image Source: TikTok/@dr.zionko
Image Source: TikTok/@dr.zionko


 A TikTok influencer, @dr.zionko, shared a wholesome video of her husband feeding their newborn with a breastfeeding device for males. In the short clip, we get to see him cradle the little one in his arms as the baby drinks from the container. The video captioned, "Teamwork baby" has attained a jaw-dropping 2.1 million likes on the platform with over 5,185 comments. People on the platform appreciated the husband's efforts to take care of the child. Some expressed concerns over the man wearing scrubs in the bed, but others offered explanations for the same. 


Image Source: TikTok/@cheyehardy
Image Source: TikTok/@cheyehardy


Image Source: TikTok/@megannicholson1206
Image Source: TikTok/@megannicholson1206


@carreymarj commented, "This could be his clean scrubs prior to work. He's a doctor and fully aware, I'm sure. He's helping and bonding. That's an A to me." Another user, @cat.daddy8, said, "The hold is perfect. Also, the scrubs might be on before he heads to work? So let's not judge too quickly!" Other users were interested in the sling-like device that allowed him to imitate breastfeeding. @jessiepetty said, "I saw the original prototype for that in Meet the Fockers." Curious about where to buy the sling, @kjbsnrn asked, "Where did you get this! My husband wants this." Seeing so many queries about the gadget, @racehllmvriee cleared the air, saying, "Everyone, it's called a Beebo. I looked it up so I could get one for my sister and her husband LMAO."

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With more and more fathers wanting to be more actively involved in parenting, such devices can be put to good use and allow new mothers to get much-needed rest. Such contribution also helps the father and child bond better. According to Inc., a year of breastfeeding equates to roughly 1800 hours in a mother's life, which is a significant number. One can almost equate these hours to a full-time job when you think about the fact that a 40-hour work week with three weeks of vacation can be around 1960 hours of work time in a year. So, for most working mothers, it's really not an option to take extended periods of maternity leave, which might affect their careers. By using such devices, it allows for fathers to step in and do motherly duties at times.

Even with these devices, more women should be allowed to pump milk at work to ensure their children get proper nutrition even when they're not around. However, only 29 states in the US have put in legislation to protect breastfeeding mothers in the workplace and only 40 percent of women have a dedicated area to pump milk for their babies that is not a bathroom, according to a report by Bloomberg.

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