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New father pens emotional letter thanking daughter for giving him a sense of purpose with her birth

The new dad penned a heartfelt letter to his daughter emphasizing how much she has changed his life and given it meaning.

New father pens emotional letter thanking daughter for giving him a sense of purpose with her birth
Cover Image Source: (L) Instagram | @qianjuliewang; (R) Twitter | @QianJulieWang

Fathers and daughters share a special bond. Author Qian Julie Wang found this to be very true when she gave birth to a little girl and her partner, Marc Ari Gottlieb, immediately started a beautiful tradition for the young one. "My husband has been writing letters for our newborn daughter to read when she grows up," Qian tweeted, sharing an image of one of the letters the new father penned for his little girl. 

In the moving letter, Gottlieb expresses his hopes for his daughter, reiterating that he wants her to grow up to be fearless. Throughout the letter, he emphasizes how she is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

Wang and Gottlieb have been open about their fertility journey on social media. In a Instagram post, the writer mentions how they went through two miscarriages before Baby E was conceived. For them, Baby E was their "double rainbow baby." The parents are beyond happy to welcome their daughter and take on "the biggest, most rewarding challenge of our lives." 

Moreover, the father is thoroughly enjoying the experience of writing letters for Baby E so that she can read them when she grows up. "Your mother and I do not give one single solitary damn what you do with your life," the letter reads. "We want only that you should be happy and healthy, with a sharp tongue and a big heart." Gottlieb mentions that Baby E does not need to do a certain job or be a particular way for her parents. She has the freedom to do anything under the sky as long as she prioritizes her happiness and well-being.

Gottlieb further adds in the letter how the arrival of his daughter is the most delighted he has ever felt in life. For him, it doesn't matter if she grows to think of him as "useless" or "obsolete." He concludes the letter by writing, "I pray, I never give you cause to forget this, I live for you." The beautifully written letter could make any heart melt.


The comment section was in complete awe of how the father expressed his love for the little one. @juliadahl shared their unique way of expressing love to their son in a comment that read: "We opened an email for my son when he was born and occasionally send him messages. It's so great." @jsparkblog wrote how he is using videos instead of letters to communicate: "I've recorded videos for daughter. Telling her why I'm at a protest. Or saying goodbye to our old townhouse. Or showing her a dance I can do while my knees still work."



@amandasharoncd shared her favorite part of the letter and commented, "That is the absolute sweetest thing. I love this that you posted. 'If you find us useless or obsolete...' yep, we raise the kiddos to go be good humans outside our homes." @vwyeth is glad to see the couple enjoying their parenting journey and added, "This is so beautiful and pure. One of the great joys of parenthood is watching your partner fall in love with your child as well."

Image Source: Reddit/u/RadioShea89
Image Source: Reddit |u/RadioShea89

In another heartwarming instance of people using letters to communicate their love and appreciation for their nearest and dearest, a woman named Breezy penned a sincere letter honoring her mother, Layla O'Shea's inspiring journey after divorce. O'Shea had taken a brave step to divorce her partner and pursue her dreams of becoming a screenwriter. In the letter, Breezy applauds her approach to life. She wrote: "I'm proud to call you my mother. The way you support everyone around you makes me strive to be just like you."

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