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New dad helping wife with everything postpartum wins hearts and sets wholesome example

Edgar could be seen helping out his wife in every way possible and that's what a new mom needs going through postpartum.

New dad helping wife with everything postpartum wins hearts and sets wholesome example
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @datdiazcouple

Postpartum is a difficult time for a woman physically and mentally, and a partner's help and care make a whole lot of difference. From helping change clothes to preparing a meal, these things mean so much for a new mother. A couple, Iris and Edgar, shared a video on their TikTok (@datdiazcouple) on how the man helped his wife on the third day postpartum and people were impressed. The video begins with Edgar handing the baby to his wife for breastfeeding. He also ensures that the blanket below his wife is tucked in properly.

Image Source: TikTok | @datdiazcouple
Image Source: TikTok |@datdiazcouple

The text overlay reads, "Taking care of my postpartum wife." Next, the man can be seen helping his wife after her bath. He wraps her in a towel and later assists with putting on her shorts. After this, he sets the bed by spreading a bedsheet and setting the cushions, pillows and a throw. In between, he goes and checks on his wife as well. Iris asks for 15 minutes to get ready and Edgar uses this time to prepare the diaper bag for his daughter and take out the clothes that his wife and newborn will wear on that day. He adorably color coordinates the mom and baby's clothes. He keeps his wife's brown sweater, blue leggings, a blue coat, and his daughter's blue onesie with a leopard print skirt and matching hairband. 

Image Source: TikTok | @datdiazcouple
Image Source: TikTok | @datdiazcouple

Edgar then goes to the kitchen and makes green tea and a bagel egg sandwich for Iris. While he gives her the sandwich, he says lovingly, "For you, baby." She thanks him and he responds, "I knew you were hungry." The husband then helps his wife get dressed and hugs her. They then can be seen standing in front of the mirror and the man says, "To the doctor." The video ends with the husband opening the car door for his wife and asking, "Are you ready?" and she replies, "Ready." The way the man helped his wife while getting ready shows how much he cares for her and is ready to pull his weight no matter what. This is something every mom wants from her partner during postpartum and this husband is surely setting a good example.

Image Source: TikTok | @user3515489508470
Image Source: TikTok | @user3515489508470

The video garnered 10.4 million views and is captioned, "Day 3 of her postpartum. We have the baby's 1st doctor's visit today. Taking care of everything so she can focus on herself and the baby." People appreciated Edgar for how he cared for his wife. @madimacleod0 commented, "From all women thank you for taking care of her. This gives me hope." @evalorenzo3 also had similar thoughts. "Amazing to see how great of a husband you are and your wife is very lucky." @gabriellejohansen1994 expressed, "You are absolutely amazing! My partner looked after me like this too after births, more men should be like this."

Image Source: TikTok | @bubbalishis
Image Source: TikTok | @bubbalishis

@carrielandwehr said, "The example you’re setting for your children is beautiful. And as a woman going through postpartum, this is so extremely important for our mental health." @eeeveeees shared, "This is so important during postpartum. Something she will always keep in her heart the way you treated her during those difficult times!" @choosingabetterway wrote, "I am glad you did this for her... Her healing must have been much better and faster than normal! Love heals all things!"

@datdiazcouple Day 3 of her Post Partum recovery. We have the babies 1st doctors visit today. Taking care of everything so she can focus on herself and baby. #baby5 #datdiazcouple #babygirl #pregnanttiktok #postpartum #labor #healing #wife #husband #couplestiktok ♬ Love - Revember


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