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Netizens unite in support of coffee-shop worker who was shamed for being barefoot

A video shared online shows a staff member cleaning the inside of the window area with a wipe attached to their barefoot while resting their back foot on the countertop.

Netizens unite in support of coffee-shop worker who was shamed for being barefoot
Cover Image Source: TikTok |

Sometimes the 'mass' in 'mass media' needs to dig in and prevent the misuse of 'media.' TikTok users flocked to the aid of a coffee shop after a man tried to discredit it by filming someone cleaning with their bare foot on the counter., a TikTok user, posted a video filmed outside the Good Day Cafe, Mackinac Island, which appeared to show a member of staff cleaning the inside of the window area with a wipe attached to their barefoot and their back foot resting on the countertop (Also, could we please refrain from filming common folks without their consent? Thank you). "This is how they clean. Would you eat here?" the TikTok user asked in the video. He perceived the sight to be "unbelievable." 

Image Source: TikTok |
Image Source: TikTok |

He stated that workers at this establishment clean their place with bare feet and that he would not eat there. He also revealed the recording date as well as the general location of the store as Mackinac Island, Michigan. The video viewed by more than 800 thousand people was captioned with hashtags, "#mackinacisland #michigan #July2023 #july4thweekend #cleaningwithyourfeet #badvibes." The upload also received over 400 thousand comments, the majority of which appeared to unanimously disagree with the video clip's point. Many people were instead impressed that the person had gone to such lengths to clean a difficult-to-reach area of the store, which some thought was a good sign for their overall hygiene levels.

Others appeared unconcerned about the bare feet, writing that the counter could easily be cleaned afterward. The feet of the worker also appeared clean. In fact, rather than turning viewers off the store, many wrote that the viral video inspired them to plan a trip to the location specifically to visit the coffee bar and place an order.

Image Source: TikTok |
Image Source: TikTok |

"Yes, I would! Looks like they go to every extent to make sure it’s clean," commented @rosiejetson77. "They clean areas people don't even look at I would definitely eat there," wrote @beanhead42069. "Is that not better than dirty shoes that have been on the floor and outside? And yes I would," said @cliuq992. "Some people would have just let the dust settle in that tight area in the window. What a great idea to clean a window where food does not come in contact," praised @anon. "Damn the comment section gave the good day coffee bar 4 stars," added @lonewolfzanmoto

Image Source: TikTok | @caripremnath
Image Source: TikTok | @caripremnath


Since the video was posted, just under 50 people have left reviews on Google for the business in what appears to be in direct response to the clip. The vast majority left five-star reviews, along with comments about the location's cleanliness. The venue has 4.5 stars on Google reviews as of July 5.

The hashtag #barefooting has over 53 million views on the app, where barefoot influencers like Sue Regan Kenney and Mara Doemland share their shoe-and-sock-free lifestyle but have faced backlash and negative comments from some viewers who said the habit was unsanitary.

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