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People are inspired by story of good Samaritan giving their car away for free to a struggling parent

A wave of good vibes swept across social media thanks to a surprising text exchange between a car seller and a prospective buyer.

People are inspired by story of good Samaritan giving their car away for free to a struggling parent
Cover Image Source: Instagram/tanksgoodnews

A heartwarming conversation shared on social media is inspiring people to be kind and give to their fellow human beings without expecting anything in return. A wave of good vibes swept across Instagram when the popular @tanksgoodnews profile posted screenshots of a surprising text exchange between someone looking to sell their car and a prospective buyer. "Just scroll and enjoy a good person doing something good for someone who needs it," @tanksgoodnews captioned the post, which has been liked more than 188,000 times in the five days since it was posted.

The heartening exchange begins with a prospective buyer reaching out to the seller to check whether they might be willing to hold the car for a week. "I know you are asking for $1200 and that seems like a good price. Would you be willing to hold it until next week? I really need a car but I have to wait [until] my taxes come," they explained. The seller responded that they wouldn't be able to hold the car for any one person as they'd already said no to a similar request from someone else. Despite receiving a disappointing reply, the individual looking to buy the car handles it with grace.

However, they couldn't help but share why they had their heart set on this car. "That's fine," they replied, "I've had a hard time finding something reliable in my price range. I'm borrowing my mom's car now, but it's tough to get me and her to work and my kids to preschool but [we're] making it work. Hopefully, I'll get my taxes back next week." Lucky for them, the seller had been keeping a secret. The kindhearted seller let them know that more than anything else, they were looking to hand over the car to someone who really needs it.

Image Source: Instagram/tanksgoodnews

"No [problem]. I actually just want the car to go to someone who needs it. If you need it, you can have it," they messaged the prospective buyer. Overjoyed by the positive turn of events, the struggling parent thanked the seller and promised to let them know as soon as they had the money to buy it. "Thanks so much! I'll let you know as soon as the direct deposits come through. So excited!" they replied. However, the seller had one more surprising revelation for them. "No, I mean do you want the car for free? I wanted to make sure whoever got it actually need it, so I didn't list it as free because everyone would have 'needed' it, but probably just resold it," they explained.

This incredible act of kindness came as a huge shock to the other individual. "What?? Are you serious? You don't have to do that, the price is fine. I wouldn't feel right not paying for it," they replied, to which the seller responded: "No, [seriously]. I want to give it to someone who needs it and you seem to genuinely need it. It's yours. No money needed." It took a few moments for the buyer to accept that a stranger really was being so kind to them and when they asked the seller "why would you that?", the seller simply explained that since they didn't need the car anymore, they figured someone else would and was happy to give it away.

Image Source: Instagram/tanksgoodnews

The seller even went as far as to offer to help pay for the registration process, telling the stunned buyer: "I want to get you driving it ASAP." This story of unconditional kindness tugged at the heartstrings of thousands, many of whom shared that it'd also inspired them to do something good for people in need. "This brought tears to my eyes. The best of kindnesses," commented @skbrown92673. "One of my wishes is to one day have the financial resources to do this for someone," shared @23spartako. "I wanna do this for someone," wrote @lizjeu, to which @michelle_a_f_ replied: "Even smaller acts of generosity go a long way! If you're ever buying a coffee, pay for two. Tell the barrister to give the 2nd one to someone's order in line. In a drive through, pay for the order behind you. Small acts of kindness can mean so much to people feeling hopeless in a helpless world."

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