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Nephew writes an adorable letter thanking his aunt for being there for him: 'You're so caring'

He wanted to appreciate her for being a 'great auntie!'

Nephew writes an adorable letter thanking his aunt for being there for him: 'You're so caring'
Image Source: Reddit/MerSeaMel

Children have the kindest of hearts and purest of intentions. They never miss a chance to tell someone that they appreciate and love them. A little boy took it to the next level and wrote an appreciation letter to his aunt. The letter was posted on Reddit by u/MerSeaMel with the caption, "My nephew wrote and mailed me an appreciation letter." This is something that she will forever remember as adults forget to appreciate each other in this way.

The letter reads, "Dear Aunt Mel, I just wanted to take some time to thank you for being such a great auntie!" The boy then goes on to list the things that make her a great aunt. He adds, "One of such things that makes you such a great person is that you are so caring." The child further writes that whenever he has "a question about plants," he can always count on his aunt to "give me a little tip." The letter further reads, "Whenever I feel anxious you help me build my confidence which I really appreciate." 

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit


The boy signed off the latter by writing, "Thanks for being awesome! With love, Mattncody." Reddit users were moved by this kind and adorable letter. One user commented, "That's so sweet, make sure you keep it and show it to him when he is older." Another added, "You are clearly the best kind of auntie there is. Good on ya!" A Reddit user even shared their own experience, "My nephew is 6 and is really getting his feet under him writing. He sent me a get well card after I had surgery that just said "dear aunt (me), I love you" and it is the most precious thing I own."

Image Source: Reddit
Image Source: Reddit

In a similar incident, another little boy poured his heart out in a letter to the forever family of his foster puppy. 7-year-old Roman Duncan wanted to make Maggie's permanent family know how wonderful she is. Roman and his younger brother, Wyatt, rapidly bonded with Maggie and supported her during her formative months as a foster puppy, assisting her in being comfortable in her home surroundings and learning basic obedience skills. However, their parents were clear that they are just giving Maggie a temporary home until she gets adopted. 


Finally, when the day came it was extremely hard for Roman to part with Maggie. In order to tackle his emotions, he decided to write a letter to her future family. The letter reads, "Maggie is the best dog you could ever ask for. Here are some reasons she is the best dog: potty trained, loves other dogs, loves to play fetch, cuddled, and to be loved." He further adds, "That's why she is the best dog ever and I forgot but she loves kids too." Roman signed off the letter by writing, "We love Maggie, I hope you do too."  Maggie has since been adopted into a loving forever family, and North Shore Animal League America made certain that Roman's letters on the little pup's cuteness, outstanding manners, and amazing personality were delivered to them. 

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