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Naval ship captain explains to mansplainer why Titanic sinking was not Kate Winslet’s fault

A conversation on misogyny and feminism eventually led to a lot of men blaming Kate Winslet for Leo's death in the movie.

Naval ship captain explains to mansplainer why Titanic sinking was not Kate Winslet’s fault
Image source: Twitter/@Ryu78787464 | @the_meghaning

There has always been a huge debate on whether there was enough space on the door for Jack to fit in along with Rose, in the movie 'Titanic'. It's a never-ending debate but the topic found itself into a discussion on misogyny and feminism. Feminist Twitter personality @emrazz said it was tiring to argue with men and added that she stopped expecting men to care about misogyny. As expected, men started attacking her, with one person saying women in power would be just as bad as men, despite all wars being started by men. “If a woman were to be in power wars would still exist. And more men would still die. This is why feminists aren't so popular you never give men even a morsel of praise even when they die for you. I bet you would blame the male captain for Leo dying in the titanic,” they wrote. She responded, "I... do blame the male captain for Leo dying in Titanic." Honestly, who else would you blame? But, turns out there's a section of men out there who blame Jack's (Leo) death on Rose. Of course, they found a way to blame women there as well.



As men continued adding to the topic, an actual naval officer settled the debate. Twitter user @the_meghaning wrote, “Hi! Genuine, real-life naval officer here with several years on the bridge at sea. Are you sitting down? Good. It is totally the ship captain’s fault for fictional Leo dying. In fact, it is also the real Titanic captain’s fault for all the non-fictional people dying IRL.” They followed it up saying, "Of all of the collisions and groundings at sea in the entire history of vessels being at sea, 99.999% have the hubris of man at a critical juncture in this chain."



Twitter user @emrazz delved a little deeper and realized there's a whole sub-culture blaming Rose for Jack's death. "I’ve seen a lot of things on Male Twitter but I am only just now learning that there are thousands of threads written about how Rose hogged the door and that’s why Jack died and I... have never been less surprised about anything in my life," she wrote. She couldn't but poke fun at them as well, writing: "Men: I don’t need to ask for affirmative consent because I can read signals; Also men: I need time to process the nuanced ways that negligent ocean liner company + negligent captain + iceberg = women did this."




Many others slammed the men for blaming Rose for Jack's death. "In real life, it LITERALLY was the male captain's fault that the Titanic hit an iceberg, but do please go on. You haven't convinced me of your point but I do enjoy the free chuckles," wrote one person. Another Twitter user actually spelled it out. "I mean, the captain of the Titanic was indeed responsible for the ship and the lives on board. That's the whole job of Captain. Not only was he responsible, but he made very poor choices that lead to increased losses of life," they wrote. "He was going too fast in waters known for icebergs. After the impact, if he had stopped the ship instead of increasing speed, it would have taken days to sink instead of 2 hours. Help got there in 8 hours. I blame that captain. It is objectively correct to blame him." Another weighed in, commenting, "A woman captain would have followed the instructions and been paying attention for icebergs."





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