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Snake in national park spotted doing something uniquely familiar and it's a joke only millennials will get

While seeing a snake would normally send chills down our spine, what this snake was doing would take us back in time.

Snake in national park spotted doing something uniquely familiar and it's a joke only millennials will get
Cover Image Source: X | @NatlParkService

Even though people have started keeping snakes as pets in their households, the sight of the reptiles still freaks out many. However, it takes a hilarious mind to turn even the scariest sights of snakes into a funny one. The U.S. National Park Service, a federal agency focused on preserving national parks and celebrating local heritage, is quite popular on X for its hilarious posts and captions about animals. Recently, the organization posted a video of a snake climbing on a wall and it is the complete opposite of creepy because of what it resembles.

Representative Image Source: Pexels | Keira Burton
Representative Image Source: Pexels | Keira Burton

Most millennials could relate to the glorious early days of cell phone supremacy. Everyone had a keypad phone with them and unlike the smartphones of today, those retro phones did not offer much gaming options. When thinking of some of the oldest mobile phone games, the first thing that would pop up in the minds of any millennial would be the famous "Snake" game. Using just the four keys - left, right, up and down, people had fun making the snake grow longer and longer for hours. So, when the National Park Service shared the video of a snake climbing a brick wall, slithering through the gaps between the bricks, one cannot help but reminisce about the good old "Snake" game.


Making the visuals of the crawling snake less scary, the park service joked in the caption, "If it runs into itself, game over." They added, "This Sonoran Mountain kingsnake (Lampropeltis pyromelana), showing off its climbing (and snake game) skills on the side of the visitor center at Coronado National Memorial in Arizona." It turns out that the snake in the video, which had red, white and black bands all over its body, was actually a non-venomous one. "But it's a mimic of the Coral Snake, which helps keep potential predators at bay," they pointed out.



The video gained over 600K views and people were absolutely amused at how similar the snake's movements were to that of the game. "I am watching my love for national parks, architecture and gaming all come together in one. All thanks to a nope rope," joked @pinkprincessin1. "Escaped from a Nokia phone but couldn't let go of its habit," chimed in @Jaegold537. As the creature trailed off from the original brick path and took a shortcut a few times, people quipped that it was cheating in the game. "It's cutting an awful lot of corners. Is that cheating?" added @InUrFnKitchnWoo.


This video was just one of the many hilarious posts from the National Park Service. For instance, last year, the park service shared an amusing tweet about what one should do if one encounters a bear in any national park and it went viral with over 10 million views so far. "If you come across a bear, never push a slower friend down…even if you feel the friendship has run its course," the post read. Mocking the appearance of bears, they joked, "If not friend, why friend-shaped?" They continued in the thread that, though it feels exciting to see a wild animal, one should always remember that "bears in national parks are wild and can be dangerous."

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