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NASA shares a breathtaking clip of what the solar eclipse looks like from space

While the majority of the world was busy getting a look at the eclipse from land, NASA captivated everyone's attention with the gorgeous view of the eclipse from space.

NASA shares a breathtaking clip of what the solar eclipse looks like from space
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @NASA

Ever since the news of the solar eclipse was announced, everyone anticipated its arrival. With the right pair of glasses, telescopes, the perfect location and whatnot, people had been in quite the wait. The solar eclipse made its way as predicted and people had ensured they didn’t miss out on the same. While many experienced it in a real-life setting, others had been able to get a glimpse via the pictures, videos and other visuals captured and shared via social media. People have shared many visuals of what the event looked like on Earth. NASA had the privilege of having a view from space, which they shared on X. They have captured more surreal, upfront views and majestic angles of the solar eclipse.

Representative Image Source: Pexels| Drew Rae
Representative Image Source: Pexels| Drew Rae

According to NASA, a solar eclipse is a phenomenon wherein the moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth, causing the moon to cast its shadow on a specific portion of the Earth. It is known to be rarer than the lunar eclipse’s occurrence, as the solar eclipse had been predicted for April 8 and the eclipse season was worth the hype. The astronauts from the Space Station shared what the view looked like for them and it was truly a sight to cherish. “The space station will be seeing not one but two views of the eclipse,” the commentator said in the audio on X. Contrary to the view on Earth, astronauts at the space station were able to witness even the moon’s shadow in addition to the moon passing between the Earth and the Sun.


The team of astronauts also shared pictures of them all prepped to witness the eclipse with their eclipse glasses in a thread. People were thrilled at the views the astronauts had to share from above. @kiralerner commented, “Amazing and terrifying. Like the Earth being swallowed up by some dark force. Thanks for all the breathtaking coverage.” @TatianaImmersiv said, “Stunningly beautiful.” @10DogMom said, “That's the most interesting shot of the eclipse today.” @Jacqcaff16 said, "That is fantastic. A bird's eye view from the Space Station." Also, @sen shared another glimpse where the Earth is seen with the moon’s shadow like an actual spot on the globe.



It feels beyond realistic but is a sight to catch! With a sped-up clip, multiple angles of the Earth and the portion covered by the moon’s shadow were visible, giving a surrounding and mind-blowing sight. To add to the already captivating view, @JohnPompliano reposted another angle of the eclipse. It was the view lucky passengers traveling by plane were able to witness. Starting with a bright light and getting covered up by the moon, one could actually spot a small circular surface covering the Sun.


Commenters even shared other videos with similar views but different angles ensuring that people could get a good look at the rare phenomenon. Others were astounded by the views and the visuals laid ahead of them. @DThomsponDev remarked, “That is mind-blowing to see. Incredible.” @cambriasunh said, “I love it when totality happens, it is breathtaking.” @LALandofloonies said, “Very cool experience.”


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