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Nancy Cartwright doing voices of 7 'Simpsons' characters in less than 40 seconds is mindboggling

Having been the voice of multiple characters for over three decades, Cartwright effortlessly switches between them in the video.

Nancy Cartwright doing voices of 7 'Simpsons' characters in less than 40 seconds is mindboggling
YouTube screenshot | Nancy Cartwright

Voice actors play a significant role in breathing life into the characters of animated movies or TV shows. In fact, many voice artists deviate from their original voice to deliver a modulation that suits the character. Nancy Cartwright, a legendary voice artist has been delivering such amazing voice-overs for several animated characters for decades. Her intonation of Bart Simpson from the long-running animated TV show, "The Simpsons," has gained her widespread recognition and several accolades too. In her popular YouTube video from 2017, Cartwright's incredible voice-over of 7 "Simpsons" characters in barely 40 seconds left the world awestruck.

Image Source:  Nancy Cartwright attends
Image Source: Nancy Cartwright attends "The Simpsons" Unveiling Of Bart Simpson's "Bartman" Character Sculpture School of Cinematic Arts on May 8, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Alison Buck/FilmMagic/Getty Images)

The voice artist effortlessly switched between various "Simpsons" characters including, Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Data Base, Todd Flanders, Kearney Zzyzwicz, Ralph Wiggum and Maggie Simpson. No wonder the 6-year-old video shared by Cartwright has gained more than 33 million views so far. Her transition from one voice to another was so smooth that if one didn't see the video, they wouldn't know it was the same person doing all the voices. She ended the video saying, "That, my friends, is how I make a living." The caption said that Cartwright recorded this video to play at the Creative Arts Emmy's in 2017 when she was nominated for her voice-over on "The Simpsons."


People in the comments were mind-blown by the actress's voice change. "I was hearing everything just fine, but when Maggie's part came I was astonished. It was just so realistic, she's incredible," commented @barbaramarianadeassuncaofr9210. "All these years later and the Nelson laugh still cracks me up. Thank you for all the laughs you've given me doing these characters over the years, Nancy!" wrote @MrMoogle. "I was so surprised learning these characters were voiced by a female, she is so good at her job," commented @watchmychannelorelse.

Cartwright wasn't the only "Simpsons" voice-over artist to make it to the headlines. Two years ago, "The Simpsons" made history as the series' first deaf voice actor, John Autry II, graced the show by voicing the character of Monk. In the show's 33-year history, the episode titled "The Sound of Bleeding Gums" marked the first time a deaf actor has voiced any character. The episode featured daughter Lisa Simpson chasing down the hearing-impaired son of her favorite musician, the late saxophonist Bleeding Gums Murphy, to help him get a cochlear implant. "It’s so incredible," Autry told Variety about his work on the animated TV show and added, "It’s life-changing equality and participation. This can impact change for all of us. It’s about hard-of-hearing and hearing characters coming together. It’s a part of history."

Loni Steele Sosthand, the episode's writer, pitched Autry, who has previously appeared in "Glee," to executive producers James L. Brooks and Al Jean. "Jim and Al very much got on board and saw what a gem he was. The character has little personal moments from my childhood with my brother but is also very much influenced by John," Sosthand told the media. The creative team incredibly pulled off the American Sign Language animation in the episode despite the challenge of the characters having just four fingers. 

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