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Mystery 'French Fry Girl' bombards an eatery with calls. Her true identity has left everyone smiling.

The identity of these calls was hard to find and the owners had to play detectives to locate them as the internet waited for the mystery to unfold.

Mystery 'French Fry Girl' bombards an eatery with calls. Her true identity has left everyone smiling.
Cover Image Source: Facebook | The Noble Smokin' Joe's BBQ

The Noble Smokin' Joe's BBQ in Oklahoma is always buzzing with customers and several delivery phone calls. However, the BBQ joint received some peculiar and funny calls in February 2024. There was a little girl on the other end of the call who wanted to have her french fries delivered for more than a week. However, the problem was that the BBQ owners did not know the girl's name or address. So, Somer Williams, the co-owner and operator of the BBQ restaurant, shared a post on the Facebook page, hoping to find more about the mystery caller.


"Some little toot wants French fries. If you have a kid around the age of 4 or 5 and they have your phone, check on them. They have called about three times asking for french fries. Please, bring that poor baby here for french fries!" the Facebook post read alongside a picture of a tray full of fries. By this time, thousands of people on the internet were invested in this case and wanted to know if the little kid got her french fries. Williams, who had opened the establishment less than a year ago with her sister Taylor Wells, told TODAY that along with their best-selling items like ribs and a Strawberry on a Cloud dessert, their french fries are also loved by the community.

"People started reaching out and wanting to help pitch in, just do little things, like pay for the fries or send things for the kids, just wanting to do something sweet," Williams told the outlet about the growing enthusiasm of people online who wanted to help them track down the mystery caller. The BBQ owner later discovered that the caller had also spoken to three other employees on the first day and left everyone pondering the french fries order. "It took all my time!" Williams mentioned and laughed. "I have not worked. I've been hyper-focused. I forgot to order my Coke for the restaurant this week!"


After some back-and-forth calls, Williams eventually figured out that there were three children and they were all girls. Even the people at the restaurant started asking them if the "french fry girl" had called them that day or not. Williams had to play detective for a while and pick up clues during the calls, such as the girls having a dog named Beethoven, she also heard someone called Hailey and tried everything to get their mom on the phone but met with zero success. She even recruited locals to ask around and talked to a police officer friend for tips. Her hard work paid off just when she thought she was getting outwitted by toddlers.


Williams finally found the mom of the two older girls on Facebook. "Don't be mad at me!" were the first words out of her mouth and thankfully, the kids' parents took the whole situation lightly. Finally, 10 days after the phone call fiasco, Williams met the three girls and they could happily dine on french fries, cokes and popcorn chicken. "Very sweet kids," Williams told the outlet after their meet-up. "And very much toots. I had that right! They are very inquisitive and very talkative." The girl named Hailey, who was in pre-kindergarten, was a fake person invented by 5-year-old kindergartener Linda and her partners in crime were her cousin Miley, 11 and Miley's 9-year-old sister, Emily.


It turned out that Emily was the original "French Fry Girl" who talked most with Williams. Upon getting to know them, Williams found out a sad fact about their life. The older girls' father had passed away some time ago and maybe this was their way of having some fun. Williams informed that there are some plans in motion to host a french fry party at the girls' school and many people have offered to donate to the girls and Williams is setting up savings accounts for the girls to help them keep the funds safe until they turn 18.

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