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Mom criticized for having baby at 51, but she's so happy, says daughter

Kayla Caldwell said her mom wanted to have another baby and succeeded through IVF, sharing her journey online.

Mom criticized for having baby at 51, but she's so happy, says daughter
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @kaylafilecaldwell

Editor's note: This article was originally published on May 2, 2022. It has since been updated.

A woman has hit out at people criticizing her mother for having a baby at 51. Kayla Caldwell's mom wanted to have a baby and successfully got pregnant through IVF, but the response from the public has been harsh and judgmental. Kayla Caldwell said this is the happiest she has seen her mother and won't have anyone else dampen her joy. Caldwell had been documenting her mom's pregnancy journey on TikTok, reported The Mirror. One of her videos notched up as many as 7 million views. While some were happy for her mom, some were rude and judgmental. 


Caldwell wouldn't take any criticism and hit back at the trolls. "To all the haters of my mom having a baby at 51... She is so happy!" she said. Caldwell shared some of the negative comments in a separate story. "51 and the doctors let her do that knowing all the risks??" wrote one person. "I’d like to know what Dr would ever do this?! That’s too damn old," commented another. One person even accused her of being selfish. "I hope she’s okay and baby but this was extremely selfish choice. For her life and the babies life at risk," they wrote. One person even had the audacity to target Caldwell. "If you don’t want anybody to say anything maybe you shouldn’t have a whole social media page dedicated to it. You’re inviting it," they wrote. "You will probably be caring for your sibling one day," one person commented, while another wrote, "This is so irresponsible for literally everyone involved."


It wasn't all negative comments though. "Y'all act like 51 is really old when there's women older then this raising their daughter kids cause they lost them to cps🙄," one person wrote. A lot of users spread love and congratulated Caldwell's mom. "I don't know why everyone has to have a cruel comment about age and babies. My dad is in his 60s and has a 4 month old and I'm 33 his oldest," wrote one person. "Congratulations all the best. I get upset reading this, I waited 9 yrs for my daughter had her at 37 now lm 51 would loved another baby❤️," added another. "So many cruel and judgmental people.. it disgusts me… congratulations on the new sibling and new nephew 🥰," commented one user.


Some shared their own personal experiences. "My friend was told she could never have a baby.. she had a healthy boy at the age of 50🥰 congratulations momma 🥰," wrote one user. Another added, "I had my last at 50. Now he's almost 16 and my best friend. LOL, my new neighbors think he's my Grandson😅 Have not told them yet." Caldwell posted a video of the baby smiling and one user commented, "He's happy! He's taken care of and obviously sooo loved!! Who cares what people think! He looks like he's ;) love it!!"


More women have been delaying pregnancy in recent times and the size of families is also getting smaller. Stats show that in 1976, the percentage of mothers with four or more children was 40%, reported Community Health Magazine. In 2014, the percentage of women with four children was 14%, and the percentage of those with two children was 41%. Lisa VerWeire, a woman who had a baby in her late 40s, said there were many advantages. VerWeire believes she's more equipped to be a mother now. “Life has been such an amazing journey and through the years I have acquired numerous and various skills with which to navigate motherhood,” she said.

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