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Muhammad Ali once hilariously demonstrated his lightning-fast speed to a reporter: 'What a legend'

When the reporter began to count, Ali told him that he was too counting slowly. When the man started laughing, Ali said: 'Nah come on seriously.'

Muhammad Ali once hilariously demonstrated his lightning-fast speed to a reporter: 'What a legend'
Cover Image Source: YouTube/ @fightingcentre

Muhammad Ali was known for his remarkable speed and was called the "Greatest of All Time." In May 1969, Sports Illustrated measured his jab with an omega scope. In the results, it was found that his jab could smash a balsa board 16.5 inches away in 19/100 of a second. He covered the distance in 4/100 of a second, which is a blink of an eye, according to Evolve Daily.

Ali once also demonstrated his speed to a reporter during an amusing interview caught on camera, and people loved watching his charisma and talent. The video begins with Ali telling a reporter: "Just to show you how fast I am. Let me show you something. Imma show the people how fast I am. You see this? Now look."

Image Source: YouTube/ @fightingcentre
Image Source: YouTube/@fightingcentre

"Now I'm gonna hit you six times before you count two," Ali adds in the video. The reporter raises one of his hands as the boxer instructs, "I want you to count two. One two faster." The reporter follows the boxer's instruction and begins to count but Ali once again tells him that he is counting too slowly. When the man starts laughing, Ali says, "Nah, come on seriously. I didn't throw no punch that time."

"Now count one two fast. When I say go count," says Ali. The reporter counts again and the legend tells him with a straight face, "You wanna see it again?" The reporter starts laughing as he realizes the great boxer had been setting him up for a prank.

Image Source: YouTube/ @fightingcentre
Image Source: YouTube/ @fightingcentre

The video has garnered about 3.3 million likes and 5.9k comments. People can not stop talking about Ali and how he touched the reporter's hand six times during the interview. @MrJuneteenth commented, "He tapped him 6 times before he even counted... I love this legend of the human spirit! RIP Muhammad." @b4nd1t9 wrote, "Interestingly enough, he did touch his hand six times total during the video, so in reality, he wasn't just showing his speed, he was actually showing his ability to talk and distract his opponents, what a legend."

@reach2prasanna shared, "Ali was serious when it mattered and funny all the other times. People like him come once in a generation. What a human being he was." @AS-pug expressed, "'You wanna see it agaiiiin' What a man and personality he was. Never again. He was truly broken when he was made."

Image Source: YouTube/ @fightingcentre
Image Source: YouTube/ @fightingcentre



Recently Ali's grandson and MMA fighter, Biaggio Ali Walsh, shared a heartfelt message for his grandfather on Instagram on his 7th death anniversary. In one of the stories, he wrote, "It's been 7 years today since you left. I miss you always." Walsh is Ali's daughter Rasheda's son. Walking in his grandfather's footsteps, he is a combat sports athlete. However, Walsh is into MMA rather than boxing. He often mentions his grandfather in his posts. Walsh also celebrated his grandfather's birth anniversary on social media. He wrote, "Happy Birthday, Poppy! You still inspire me to become a better fighter and an even better person each and every day! Until we meet again." 

Ali was more than a great boxer. He was an entertainer outside and known for his speed and toughness inside the ring. He retired in 1981 and suffered from Parkinson's disease rest of his life. He died in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2016 after being hospitalized due to a respiratory infection, reported Essentially Sports.

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