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#TrackingKornacki: How MSNBC's map nerd is helping me get through this election

Before Tuesday morning, I couldn't pull Steve Kornacki out of a line-up. Now, I'm knee-deep in the Kornacki fandom.

#TrackingKornacki: How MSNBC's map nerd is helping me get through this election
Image Source: Instagram/daddy_kornacki

To say that this election has been stressful is an understatement. Despite being warned about ballot-counting taking time well in advance, people following the election, both in the US and from around the world, are held hostage by obsessively refreshing our maps, not sleeping, and coping with our feelings however we can. Now John King may be having fun, but the true MVP that has emerged from this chaotic spectacle is Steve Kornacki. With Trump claiming to have won already, insinuating repeatedly that mail-in votes are fraudulent, and generally instigating his base to potentially incite violence if the outcome isn't in his favor, MSNBC's gay map savant has been the voice of reason breaking through the chaos and allowing us an iota of sanity.



The thing that makes Kornacki so gosh-darn adorable is his nerdy enthusiasm for and his impressive number-crunching skills, as he uses the electoral map as his own, personal doodle-pad. With his phone in hand, he calmly does some seriously-impressive math and takes the time to explain not just how the numbers coming in can sway either candidate's chances but also takes viewers through in-depth analyses of the data and taking the time to help viewers understand exactly what outcomes are possible as the votes get counted in key swing states. 



Perhaps MSNBC's best strategy through this election has been to institute a 'Kornacki Cam' to follow the internet's favorite map nerd as he tests scenarios and breaks down the 'big dump of votes' on his 'big board'. Kornacki's appeal clearly lies in his unabashed enthusiasm for the process as well as his delightful human moments when he's caught texting or doesn't realize he's on camera. His persona allows viewers to take comfort in the process amid all the noise generated by Trump and his campaign.



Before Tuesday morning, I couldn't pull Kornacki out of a line-up. Now, I'm knee-deep in the Kornacki fandom. On Thursday night, when the wonk superman defied MSNBC's demand that he take rest and tweeted that he was returning to the studio, his restless gusto for the close races warmed had me cheering at my screen. It is amazing what a steady consumption of Diet Coke (which I hope MSNBC is paying for by the crate), adrenaline, and a passion for electoral math can do to this man. Which is why, as we hold our breath and wait for the last few states to be called, I present to you a roster of the Steve Kornacki fandom offerings. 



1. When he impressed Leslie Jones



2. Let's be honest, Steve is all about the doodlin'







3. MSNBC needs to budget for Steve's paper supply



4. I mean, just look at what he's working with 


5. Obviously, some exciting numbers just came in for Steve



6. Aww, Steve didn't realize the camera was on him, bless his heart



7. This nerd just really enjoys elections



8. We may have to crowdfund Steve a sexier map to play with 



9. Seriously, how can you say no to this face?!



10. His fanbase is all-age inclusive 



11. Not all heroes need capes




12. Some heroes do need khakis though



13. Kornacki for President. President of electoral math



14. Kornacki fancam for the salivating nerds









15. He needs more hands to do the math. I volunteer as tribute, Steve



16. Big Pepe Silvia Energy



17. Is he texting or doing math, we'll never know



18. Oh look, it's Steve on Castaway 



19. Let's be honest, we're all going to be suffering from post-election KSA (Kornacki Separation Anxiety) 



20. The biggest incentive for this election to be over is so Steve Kornacki can get some sleep








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